Identifying what is good for us truly is what is best for us and what is best for us almost always requires that we change. Change is one of the hardest things to do,  but the sooner we do, the better off we will be.

Change is defined as to make the form, nature, content, future course of (something) different from what it is; to transform or convert. Change means to TRANSFORM, what a powerful proposition.

When we hear the word change, we hear something negative. We process CHANGE as declaring that something is WRONG with us and who really wants to admit they suck at being or doing?  That 6 letter word evokes all kinds of emotions and reactions to the very proposition.

When CHANGE is presented to us, Don’t we usually hear in our heads “nothing is wrong with me. I am fine. I have been this way 120 years, I do not have a problem with me. I am great. I am my brand of sugar on top with a cherry. Who is better than me? What???? I do not need to do a damn thing. If anyone needs to change it certainly is not me. Shit, don’t they know I AM PERFECT. How dare he/she suggests something is wrong with me. Don’t they know I am the fourth seat in heaven. They got it wrong. It is the Father, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and then Me”.

Well, newsflash we are not perfect.  We are not equal with God and surely we are flawed and our own brand of shipwreck. We all are subject to correction and should seize every opportunity to grow. Delusion is not cute and surely not sexy.

The very definition of CHANGE means to TRANSFORM and TRANSFORM means to to change completely and usually in a good way. To be transfigured means to change a thing into a different thing. A major change in form, nature, or function.

Change simply put means to be transformed into BETTER. When we change, we are transforming and becoming a better spirit and a better soul and if we want to live a higher quality of life, love until our soul is overwhelmed, have an abundance of peace, joy and graciousness we will commit to doing the work our soul needs to do.  The process of changing will require that we acknowledge what needs to change, stop all the damn lying to ourselves and take a long and hard look in the mirror and evaluate.

Assess what we love and what we do not. We can’t be afraid to see our ugly and deal with our monsters in the closet. Expose them, challenge them and rebuke them with transforming power of CHANGE. When we embrace changing, we embrace better and invite it to come into our lives. We must check our motives and be sure that what we are doing is for the right reasons. We can’t “trick” the universe and when we attempt to, we will find that truth always prevails and we will end up right back in the very same place we tried to lie our way out of. The only thing that defeats personal misery is TRUTH.

Today is a new day and we can make today whatever we want it to be.

We can make our tomorrow whatever we want it to be.

We can make the rest of our lives whatever we want it to be.

All we have to do is….



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