Quickie & Coffee- Broken Heart versus Open Heart

Some people believe that everything happens for a reason.  I have had periods of doubt about that theory but I am inclined to believe that those people are more likely to be right than wrong on this point.  While the answers as to why things happen may not come as quickly and clearly as we would like sometimes, that doesn’t mean they are not there.  So when somebody is working their way through heartache, or even suffering from a broken heart, there might be a ready reason for that painful experience.


If God Keeps Letting Your Heart Get Broken, Maybe He Really Wants You To Leave It Open 

If we can learn to leave our hearts open, it may expose them to hurt, but it also opens them to receive more love and joy than what is possible when closed.  This is highly conceptual but the emotional intelligence and insights required to receive this message is within our grasp from the minute we can process love and loss.

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3 thoughts on “Quickie & Coffee- Broken Heart versus Open Heart

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  1. Openness is vulnerability lived out loud and yes, that leaves us susceptible to hurt but we are free. I’d rather be free than closed, scared and chained. Nothing can be received in the state of closedness. It is not until we are open that we can receive anything and if we learn the lessons in loss and pain, love and abundance certainly will give us another chance. TWO THUMBS UP!


  2. Thank you for sharpening the focus on this point, Miss Perry. This is a message I hope reaches all TPP readers who may find themselves in this place at some point. One way or another I believe we all do.


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