The Ugly Legacy of Roger Aisles & The Fox News Channel (Warning: Explicit Language)

This disturbing picture looks like it came from the Fox News Channel Executive Training manual.  The ethos of The Progressive Pugilist dictates that we hit hard on issues that need to be hit.  This is an occasion for brass knuckles so if you are faint of heart I suggest you flip to one of the pieces we have on relationships and listening to your inner-voice.  The core message of this piece is about the death of Roger Aisles and is as hostile as it is simple: Fuck Roger Aisles- the world is better off without him.

Roger Aisles was 77 when he fell at his home last week, cracked his dome and died.  On Saturday his 17 year old son, Zachary Aisles gets up at the memorial service and vowed revenge against the dozens of women who are in the midst of litigation against his father for serial sexual harassment and exploitation during his reign as the sire of Fox News Channel.  Young Zachary threatened all of these ladies that “I am coming after you and bringing hell with me” providing undeniable proof that a piece of shit doesn’t fall far from the asshole that spit it out.  It is no consolation that this particular asshole made so much money he could literally wipe his ass with it.


Yes, I understand that this is a 17 year old and his father just died.  But I don’t give a damn.  I just ain’t into the tradition of remixing what you think about a guy just because it was time for his dirt nap.  And I damned sure ain’t with the tradition of giving spoiled rich white boys a pass when they act out because they are upset.  So I say loud and proud- Fuck Zachary Aisles and his asshole father.

Roger Aisles represented everything that is wrong with American media right now.  He promoted misinformation and misogyny for great profit.  He reveled in his ability to mislead the weak minded by appealing to their basest tribal and primal instincts.


 Racism and sexism were promoted in ways both subtle and overt throughout his entire leadership tenure at Fox and only in the final months of his life was he called to account for all of it publicly.

Based upon reports on the actions that have been filed and the testimonial evidence provided thus far, Roger Aisles felt most comfortable with women who lived their lives on their knees- either by force of coercion or voluntarily.


That spirit permeated his network and the women who worked under him are only now detailing the degradation and humiliation that went along with working there.  But Roger didn’t care about any of these women or their suffering-either at his hand or at the hand of Bill O’Reilly.  They were so committed to their fraternity of degradation that they both let the network fire them before they would make amends.

Joan Walsh is an accomplished political columnist of many years and is a representation of what most enlightened men would like to see a woman that they love and care for grow into.  She is comfortable in her own skin and she looks good in it.  She is confident in her voice and she sounds good projecting it.  Her years give her pride and security in herself, not self-doubt based on the preferences of many men like Roger Aisles for dolled up, air-brushed, silicon injected news barbie dolls.


So when she interviewed Roger Aisles for an in-depth profile piece a few years back, Roger- who looked like a cross between Boss Hogg and Jaba The Hutt, glared at her between puffs on his cliche’ cigar and said “You know what I’ve done, Joan?  I’ve created a network that caters to an audience who will never even turn the channel, much less leave me.  They are pissed off white men, age 55 and older, and they don’t give a fuck what you think. They don’t want to hear you and sure as hell don’t want to see you.

There’s Roger Aisles in a nutshell.  Hateful, cynical, sinister and a diabolical genius without at doubt.  And besides the Fox News Channel, his legacy is this fuckface 17 year old son who is promising to “bring hell” on the women who finally spoke up against his perverted old man.

This kid is too young and dumb to know that he is already in hell- as was his father.  Because if you are a wealthy man in America and you have to coerce and threaten women to do for you what they will do for other men for free, you are sho-nuff living in hell.  I am sure Roger Aisles is roasting right now in the special spot reserved just for him pissed off that medical science did not come up with a dick-transplant surgery in time enough for him to get one.  Based upon some of the accounts that have come out already, he surely needed one.  Whether young Zachary needs a dick transplant has yet to be determined, but what is already crystal clear is that he IS a dick and he’ll find out sooner than later that he, too, will need to get laid by force just like his twisted old man.

Although I gave him some credit for being a genius- a diabolical genius to be exact- he did get one key thing wrong:  That audience he built his network on WILL leave Fox News eventually- and the departure will be steady and irreversible.  Those 55 year old pissed off white men will die out faster than any other demographic and they will never be replaced by featuring assclowns like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.  So Roast In Peace, Roger.  Many of your fans won’t be far behind.  Enjoy the view from down there as these women you tormented will be getting paid a big chunk of the money you had hoped to leave to this punk ass son of yours.

 ∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π

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