My daily walking path consists of walking by a cemetery. I often go inside the gate and visit the graves. I do not know anyone that is buried there, but I can’t help but ask questions as I pass each headstone.  Some of them are neglected and do not have any flowers. Occasionally, I will brush off the spider webs as I wonder if those that look forgotten actually are.

I often wonder what the souls that rest there would tell me. What they would tell us? Would they tell me to love harder and to be softer? Would they tell me to go home and hearken my lover so we can feel each others heartbeat and just be? Would they tell us that life is too short to live in fear and regret? Would they tell us to face everything in our past and not be afraid to feel the hurt so we can heal? Would they tell us to take the extra step so we can have what is before us?


I am sure they would say those things.

They would remind us that their arms can not penetrate the 6 feet of earth that covers them to hug those that are still on this side.  They would tell us not to be cynics or pessimist and to keep loving today because tomorrow is not promised.

I am sure all of them thought they had tomorrow to say or do something…but right in the middle of the plan, Death showed up and stole the chance.

If I wake tomorrow, I will pass them again as I take my morning walk and be grateful for the chance that none of them have.

A new day.


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