Quickie & Coffee- Don’t Hurt Her

One of my strongest prayers is that my sons avoid some of the mistakes I have made in my life.  That is something I am sure that I share with many people in the world and most certainly with those that have the good taste to visit this space.  This prayer is especially powerful when it comes to the realm of relationships with women.  If you are giving advice to teenage boys on this subject you would be well advised to keep it simple.  So I tell mine as often as possible that if a woman is giving you her time and attention


Can it get any simpler?  I believe my boys can handle that and yours probably can, too.  But when they get older, you can expound a little bit and give them the graduate school version which goes like this

If a woman is investing her time, emotion and affection in you, she needs and deserves to feel appreciated, protected and secure with you.  So don’t take her for granted because she will not feel appreciated.  Don’t criticize or castigate her because she will not feel protected.  And don’t cheat on her because she will not feel secure.  If any of these are a problem, kindly step aside so you don’t block her pathway to whoever is waiting in the wings who doesn’t have a problem with them.


Of course there is no guarantee that following these guidelines will result in that elusive “forever” love relationship but it will guarantee one thing:  whenever the engagement runs its course, she will respect you for how you treated her and she will never feel bad about the time that she spent with you.  She may even be better off.  God knows, you will be.

∞ Thanks 4 checking in-  Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you tomorrow  π

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