The New Blackface: Trump’s Sambo Minstrel Show

From the very beginning of the political career of Donald Trump he has projected hostility and indifference on issues of race and multiculturalism.  His efforts to prove that he is not a racist despite inflammatory language indicating otherwise have come from the old worn-out playbook entitled “I Can’t Be A Racist Because Some of My Best Friends Are Black.”  Of course when a guy like Trump falls back on that kind of excuse, you can bet your check that these “friends” of his are going to be some colorful characters with peculiar entanglements that go beyond just being his butler, maid, gardener or shoe shine man that Trump calls a “friend” when it is convenient.  After this review of just a few of the stars of Trump’s Sambo Minstrel Show, you will surely find that “colorful” is a charitable description.

A discussion this inflammatory demands that terms are defined clearly up front.  When I refer to Sheriff David Clarke, Pastor Mark Burns and Omorosa Manigault as blackface sambos I am harkening to a not-too-distant past when white people routinely trotted out and paraded black people in public spaces for their entertainment and amusement- based entirely on the color of their skin.


The black identity itself was the entertainment and the dialogue was designed to titillate the audience by appealing to their racial fetishes.   These were called minstrel shows.  The irony of the minstrel show is that rather often the actors portraying the characters named “Nigger Jim”, “Mammy”, “Sleep & Eat” and “Pickininny” were actually white.  My position is that these three people are glaring examples of the black sambo minstrel show character of Trump’s racial politics.

If you are a black conservative and you find your way to this piece (first of all I welcome you and I hope you hang out on the right side for a while) I want you to understand that I am not attacking anybody based solely on their political positions or personal beliefs. That is uncool.  I am criticizing these people because of the way that they have allowed themselves to be trotted out and paraded in public spaces for the amusement and entertainment of white folks- many of whom are obvious bigots who have openly expressed hostility to anybody and anything that has ever been seen as being helpful to black folks.  These people ought to be sophisticated enough to know that.  And if they are-as I believe to be the case with the one sister in this line-up- they just don’t give a damn.  And that is a problem unto itself.

Please do not be fooled by the distinguished, serious, hard as nails imagery being projected by this guy below.  He is Sheriff David Clarke from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


 Despite that carefully crafted image, this guy is about as serious as Bozo the Clown.  Many of those medals on his military style suit jacket are available for sale on E-bay for under ten bucks- I bullshit you not.  He became a popular figure for the following reasons:  He is black, he is a registered Democrat, and probably due to searing insecurity and jealousy beyond measure he HATES Barack Obama and everything connected to him.  Clarke’s willingness to go on television and blame Barack Obama and the victim for any cop killing of an unarmed black man is his calling card and closeted bigots everywhere just couldn’t get enough.  They couldn’t be a redneck racist if this BLACK face is saying the same thing I think, right?


So naturally, Clarke found his way to Team Trump where he claims that he has been tapped for an assistant director post with the Department of Homeland Security.  Not a bad come up for taking shots at somebody who you really wish you could be but know you never can be so all you can do is run your mouth about them while they never spend a second thinking about you.  Get all that?

What makes Clarke a blackface sambo is that if he were white, he’d just be one in many thousand law enforcement officers who hate Obama, resent protesters, and who reflexively defend any cop who kills somebody in the line of duty be they armed with an uzi or an ice cream sandwich that just looked like an uzi in the moment. He would never have gotten famous if white folks didn’t want to hear the same bullshit they hear all the time on Fox News coming out of a black face.  So ignore that Clint Eastwood style and John Wayne veneer he has worked so hard to cultivate.  This is what you are REALLY seeing when you look at David Clarke.



Pastor Mark Burns is a special case indeed.  By all appearances, he is a respectable southern preacher- preaching the gospel to his flock in his tiny town in South Carolina, pleasuring himself to Fox News every night in between Bible study sessions.  The guy is quite a performer in that role and so when word got out that there was some black southern preacher willing to call Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton the twin towers of Satan’s Kingdom, Team Trump came a’calling.


Just like Burns hoped they would.  The problem is that Mark Burns is an absolute fraud.  His personal resume was almost as trumped up as Melania’s was.  Lies, lies and more lies.  A few minutes of light vetting by a CNN reporter revealed that Burns had spent only a few weeks at the university he claimed to have graduated from.  He had never been a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity as he had claimed.   Nor did he hold any of the scholastic distinctions or accreditations that gave him the profile that got Team Trump to appoint him to give the invocation at the Republican National Convention.  Shortly after Burns showed up and showed out in Cleveland, the news broke that he was as real as that thing on Donald Trump’s head and he fell off the face of the earth.


Again- was there ANY shortage of white pastors foaming at the mouth and chomping at the bit to call Hillary Clinton names or insult the Obama family?  Nowhere close.  Phony money grubbing, media whoring preachers are a dime a dozen in any color.  But Burns’ black skin made him the bell of the ball in conservative media for a little while.  They trotted him out and paraded him around and had a grand time doing it.  I hope he enjoyed it because conservative media outlets who couldn’t get enough of him at the convention were scrubbing him away like he was a one night stand they were determined to forget.

Which leads us to this lovely sister right here.  Omarosa Manigault is particularly hard to take in the role of willing blackface sambo because unlike Clarke and Burns, there is ample evidence that she REALLY does know better than to do what she is doing.


A former aide and staff member in the Clinton political circle, she is plenty sophisticated enough to know what the hell Trump was up to when he tapped her to be one of his public mouthpieces.  Sure Omarosa is a well spoken former cast member of that stupid “reality tv” game show that Trump used to play on, but there were dozens and dozens of those.  Omarosa however, was a black woman and due to some nice work by a skilled plastic surgeon pretty easy on the eyes.  So she was put on display.  And unlike the other members of this list, she did not even bother with the pretense that she was serving any purpose other than aggrandizing the insane megalomaniac she works for and titillating his minions and acolytes.

On the surface at least, Clarke is about law and order and Burns is about religious practice.  Ms. Manigault just got on national television and said “All those who were against Mr. Trump must now BOW DOWN to him.”  I bullshit you not, she said that.  Look it up.  YouTube is awesome.  This woman took service to her white master to an extreme farther than any reasonable person would have cause to expect.  In exchange for her complete surrender to Trump’s will (as she still claims to be a Democrat) he gave her some jive-ass job as “Director of Urban Outreach” whatever in the hell that means.  Because of the status she now holds, she might find her hand slapped away should she try to do any actual “urban outreach.”

So that’s all for today folks!  But keep your eyes peeled and ears tuned in for the next episodes and cast members in Trump’s Sambo Minstrel Show.  Cast members will come and go but you can bet your check that the show will most definitely go on.  Even if they have to smear Sean Spicer and Jared Kushner with black shoe polish to bring it off.


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