Quickie & Coffee-The Bond Between Love & Leadership

This is the perspective of one man on the vital role that love should play in leadership, recognizing first and foremost that you cannot lead what you do not love:


Christmas Tree

You OWN absolutely nobody

But you OWE absolutely everybody

Always put your people’s needs before your own

Never ever ask them to do what you won’t do yourself

Earn trust despite your losses and not because of your victories

Lead them where they need to go & you will find YOUR Life’s purpose 

It is an absolute privilege to lead people- whether in a family, an organization or a business.  If your heart cannot love it, then your head cannot lead it. So if your heart isn’t in it, none of the rest of you should be either.  So step up with love or simply step aside. Godspeed.


∞ Thanks 4 checking in-  Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you tomorrow π

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