Quickie & Coffee- The Wise vs. The Fool

Given a choice between being wise or being a fool, every one of us would choose the former over the latter.  Despite that preference, too often our conduct reveals a subconscious choice of being foolish over being wise.  And when we wind up being the fool it is quite likely the result of having spoken on issues where we have little knowledge- often with great conviction and self assurance.  Reflect on the people you have encountered along your journey and I’ll bet my check that you will find

The wisest people  have an acute awareness of the things they do NOT know and the most foolish of fools are completely convinced that they know far more than they actually do.

That can be a troublesome social dynamic but an important one to learn how to navigate.  Because today’s fool can be tomorrow’s wise man by simply adjusting his own perspective- having gained no brand new knowledge to speak of.

That adjustment alone can open new doors of understanding and insight that empower a mind once encumbered by the weight of arrogance and misinformation.  Should you ever have difficulty determining what you are dealing with in a given moment, just be patient.   Sooner or later, the fool will make an announcement and clear up any confusion for you. They simply cannot help it.  So choose wisely my friends. Good Luck & Godspeed.

∞ Thanks 4 checking in-  Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you tomorrow π


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