Quickie & Coffee- A Simple Truth & Profound Choice

Short and sweet for your weekend enjoyment:  That face above knows only love and as hard as you may try you will never tire of looking at it.  She is at the age where God just gives her that happiness.  As the years go on, she will learn what you and I already have but may have forgotten along the way:

         Happiness Is A Choice;  If You Don’t Choose To Be Happy, Happy Is Not Going To Choose You.

The happy is still there for us, just as abundantly as it is for this precious child, but we have to make a decision to embrace it.  If we don’t make that affirmative decision to be happy, then we are solely responsible for the despondency, disappointment and disaffection that will dampen the days we are blessed with.  I encourage you to recognize this simple truth and let it lead you to make the right choice.

∞ Thanks again for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π


D.V.H., Esq.


2 thoughts on “Quickie & Coffee- A Simple Truth & Profound Choice

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  1. Choosing happy is literally making the choice between life and death. Our joy, peace and happiness is fundamentally core to our being. It is the difference between living/ thriving and existing/surviving.


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