Melania Trump Is A Hustler (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

Game recognizes game.  So, “Game” just LOVES Melania Trump and sees her as one of its own- in the purest form possible.  Back in the 80’s Vanessa Williams was Miss America and had her crown snatched away for being naked in photos with another woman. Melania did the same damned thing a decade later and wound up being crowned as First Lady of the United States.  Now that’s game.

This woman’s game is so tight that she gets away with being so many things that Americans claim to deplore and winds up in a better position than she would have been in had she played it straight.  As twisted as that is for America, that is pretty impressive for her part.  Let’s just consider a few facts that are already in evidence and are beyond dispute:

#1- This woman lied in her bio in a BIG way.  She claimed to have a Bachelor’s Degree and she has no degree at all.  In fact, she reportedly dropped out of college after a single semester to go and model panties and heels in Paris.  I’m not knocking her hustle- she got paid n full to walk around less than half dressed.  So she made a business decision that paid off nicely- good for her.  But lying about a scholastic achievement is a big fat sack of NO regardless of how you want to dice it. It makes her a phony and a fraud who was allowed to skate only  because old white men in media would sell their immortal soul to fuck her just once.


#2- This woman plagiarized her convention speech and stole key material from none other than former First Lady Michelle Obama.  For the record, she did it and never even apologized after all of Trump world spent several shameful days lying about it and defending her.  Eventually some anonymous Trump minion took the fall publically while she just looked on with that weird cyborg style stare of hers.

#3- This woman is the First Lady of the United States of America and has spent virtually no time in the White House.  Either she is entirely unaware that her position is one defined by performing political theater or she just flat out doesn’t care.  Neither option should be worth a damn to voters who were so concerned about Michelle Obama giving her husband a “terrorist fist bump” after he had just crushed it onstage at his nominating convention.  (Think maybe conservatives and Fox News pundits have a problem with double standards?)  And please spare me that bullshit about her son still being in school in New York.  In Trump-World, they send those little demons away as far and as fast as they can all the time without a blink so she could certainly carry her narrow ass to the East Wing often enough to keep up appearances.  But maybe she is like that asshole step-son of hers and considers the White House as a step down from her Trump Tower digs.  But who gives a damn that it costs the city of New York and the federal government millions of dollars every month to accommodate her personal choices?  Its just the tax paying citizens footing the bill- you know, the little people.


#4- And worst of all, this woman came out publically against women telling their stories of sexual harassment and sexual assault against her husband- and did so without offering any of the appropriate disclaimers or preambles.  She just went straight into attack mode after a few days of radio silence.  I can understand the fact that offering a defense of one’s husband in a scandal is excusable, but her husband was all over television announcing his penchant for “grabbing (women) by the pussy.”  But to be fair he was considerate enough to pop a few tic-tacs first to make sure his breath was fresh before he started finger banging women in public.  But where Melania is concerned she would have done well to understand that there are times in life to be quiet- to just shut the fuck up- and that was one of them.  Her comments were way out of line and only women’s searing self-loathing can explain how she got away with this one without becoming public enemy #1.


But through it all, Melania is still sitting pretty- unscathed by the multiple fuck-ups that would have destroyed her predecessor.  She started her career making money showing her ass to the world, and now she’s living like a queen as America’s First Lady while telling Americans to kiss it for her.  And Americans are doing it, too.  The geriatric horn-dogs in the media start fondling themselves whenever she walks on stage so they  just can’t seem to sustain any negative coverage of this woman for more than 10 or 15 seconds.  So in the end, we are really getting what we deserve just like Donald is getting what he paid for:  A vapid and shallow shell of a woman who is as easy on the eyes for some as she is impossible to stomach for others.  She is an embarrassing reflection of what we have become as a culture- entirely consumed with image at the expense of substance.  For the record, there are no pictures of Michelle Obama (or Robinson) in her panties anywhere; she has 2 degrees from elite Ivy League institutions; she built a garden on the White House grounds; and she has been a reliable advocate for women every single day of her public life.  Melania’s got game, but Michelle is the real deal.

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