Quickie & Coffee- CLEAN IS FREE!

All of us have found ourselves stuck in a rut from time to time.  And it sucks to be stuck in a rut.  You know what you need to do but for some reason you just can’t muster the gumption and grit to get your ass in gear.  We’ve all been there.

But that’s ok because there is an old solution to this problem that we learned from our parents when we were kids.  Remember the Saturday morning clean up?  There is something magically transformative about putting in the work to give yourself a clean and orderly space-  both your work space and living space.


And the Saturday morning clean-up had the added bonus of speakers booming a stream of The O’Jays, The S.O.S. Band, Teddy Pendegrass or Al Jarrau while you were getting your physical and mental space cleaned and cleared.

So rather than pay for a Tony Robbins Seminar or kill yourself in a Zumba class (both of which will work quite nicely by the way) just take a day and dedicate it to cleaning up your space.  You will be amazed at how great you can feel and how quickly you snap out of that rut.  And in contrast to the other methods of snapping out of it


Thanks 4 checking in-  Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you 2morrow π

3 thoughts on “Quickie & Coffee- CLEAN IS FREE!

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    1. Wow! I am busted and cannot deny the charges- throwing myself on the mercy of the court of public opinion right here and right now. For the record, my cleaning skills are second to none- I am nearly legendary at cleaning my own crib. So please charge the head and not the heart for that one…


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