What a wonderful reminder of the importance of continuing to grow. Continuing to challenge our ourselves to be 100% of ourselves, to resist stagnation and misery guised as comfort and security. Sure we all want to feel “secure” but that cant take an ugly turn in our lives if we are not honest and living in truth.  I am personally saddened by the number of us that settle for existing as opposed to living. The number of us that go to jobs we hate, live in houses built on the foundation of lies and deceit, are in relationships for appearances or because we are not brave enough to say, I made a damn mistake!

Have kids that keep their doors closed more than they are open, sit at family dinner tables and never resolve deep seated issues, smiling while dying inside. “Play living” and not actually committed to doing the honest work of living….which will surely require that we stop pretending and actually get to the business of being. Being honest, transparent, vulnerable and exposed.

Cry when tears need to be shed, dance when the music is right, sing when the urge hits, skip (yes, I said skip) if that is what the moment sparks.  Laugh out loud, kiss until it hurts, find the love of your life and love as if your next breath depends upon it, marry the girl/guy that if you are not next too, you can’t sleep at night.


Let us LIVE outside of the narrow walls of our mind and live in the realm of the spirit. Where nothing but freedom exists and there is absolutely nothing comfortable about it, but it feels so damn good!


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