Quickie & Coffee- The Record

There is a great temptation for us to explain away unpleasant realities of our lives.  We would like to get a pass on our conduct or at least some special consideration on various issues because of mitigating factors or extraordinary circumstances.  You’ve heard a million of these excuses if you’ve heard even one of them.  My momma left me so I can’t trust or commit.  My daddy was violent and crazy so I am (wait for it) violent and crazy.  We were so poor when I was a kid we couldn’t even pay attention.  You can be free of all of that the very second you decide to be.

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Enough.  We are who we choose to be and we choose our identity every day by the actions we take and the habits we form.  We cannot choose the factors and elements in our environment all the time, but we can choose how we respond to factors in our environment.  And because we have been given that choice by God Himself it is perfectly fair for us to be judged on our record.  To wit:


Your scale is telling you the truth about what you weigh.  Your credit score is telling you the truth about what kind of financial operator you are.  Your balance sheet is telling you the truth about how sound your economics are.   Your eyes may lie to you but the mirror is showing you what’s really there.  This is true for every last one of us- and that fairness is a beautiful thing because we all control it.  We can choose to ignore what we don’t want to see and submerge ourselves in who did what to us to make us have a losing record or we can dig in, turn things around and WIN.  That is your profound choice and personal charge my friends.  Good Luck & Godspeed.

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