Wrecking Ball Politics

It is a natural law of the universe that destruction of any structure is far easier than the construction of that same structure.  Destruction can come from stupidity, irrationality, happenstance or just raw emotion. Construction, on the other hand requires vision, intellect, skill, discipline, and patience.  Nothing great has ever been built in the absence of any of these elements.  But anything that is great can crumble to the ground with any one of the destructive elements listed here should it hit at the right time in the right place.

Republican voters really need to examine the fact that their politics have denigrated to the point where all their elected officials are seeking is destruction of work that has been done by prior presidents, most notably Barack Obama and of course FDR.  Anybody can tear down things- even this fool.  My God, don’t you people want to elect representatives who can do more than THIS guy can do?


Upon winning elective office, responsible political actors, civic leaders and public servants would look at every public policy and program currently in place and figure out how to make it work more effectively or efficiently for the citizens affected by it.  But what we have in D.C. right now is a president and a governing party that are doing a Miley Cyrus impersonation, riding in on a wrecking ball and crashing into every agency and institution that could actually help people that need help.

The EPA makes sure our air and water are clean and safe- that is kind of important.  The Department of Energy makes sure that we are developing clean renewable energy to support both our economic future and our climate- again pretty important stuff.  The Department of Education works to keep American kids from being as dumb as they often appear to be in so many of their social media representations- we don’t need kids that are too dumb to hold jobs in the new knowledge based economy.  But all three of these agencies are eviscerated in the budget that is coming out of congress and will be signed by The Trumpster.

And we a!re all too aware of the ultimate target of Trump and his minions’ wrecking ball:  The Affordable Care Act- because we all know how terrible and awful it is to try to make healthcare into a human right rather than a marketable commodity to exploit.  Who cares that we are the only first world nation that does not provide universal healthcare for its citizens? We get to WRECK the biggest thing “Obama” did!  F*ck those sick kids who will have a lifetime cap on their medical care!  And f*ck that lady with diabetes that can’t get insurance anymore!  And f*ck those people who get kicked off their insurance once they really get sick and actually need medical care!  F*ck all of them, because making money off of people getting sick will make America great again!

So they climb up on that wrecking ball and have at it.  They just LOVE that wrecking ball.  But somebody should ask them what they are about building- and I don’t want to hear that bullsh*t about the military.  Our military by itself is bigger than the military of all of the other NATO countries combined so we are as built up as we can get.  Ask any Republican politician in D.C. what he specifically wants to build for his fellow citizens and you can bet the house that if you don’t get a blank stare, you’ll get some hodgepodge mishmash monologue about tax reform, cutting spending and a balanced budget.  In other words you will get a plethera of platitudes, also known as complete bullsh*t.  These people aren’t about anything other than riding that wrecking ball and hanging out on the D.C. elite party scene they claim to hate so much.  You can’t keep those clowns off the golf course, out of the country club or away from those underground cat-houses they think they can hide out in.

And as long as nobody bothers to ask them, they will keep getting away with looking like serious people when they are no more serious about governing this nation and serving its citizenry than Miley  Cyrus herself.


In fact, I’d rather have her ass in office.  At least she is young and open minded enough to see the error of her ways and change for the better.  These fools are so dug into justifying themselves that they actually believe those talking points and canned answers they spit out on cue about “Obamacare” being  disaster and restoring America’s standing in the world by following a television game show actor onto the world stage.  The truth is that these clowns are too dumb to construct anything so they do what they focus on destruction because they have nothing else to offer.

And progressives politicians in D.C. know it, too.  They are just too polite to say it in a town where the bitter fighting in front of the cameras is often stagecraft while the night-time cocktails and revelry is real.  But maybe it is time to start saying it.  Call a spade a spade.  They called President Obama that and much worse I can assure you.  Because they are destructive and dumb and that is what destructive and dumb people do.

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