Prince: We Reflect on an Iconic Artist & Unchained Spirit

The Progressive Pugilist Is The Ultimate Prince Enthusiast-  This Piece Was Published Originally On February 24, 2017

By definition icons are rare.  And when we lose one we all take notice.  I am reflecting on Prince this morning because he stood alone for me and we are coming up on a year since he left us.  As a Prince enthusiast for 35 years I must be ahead of the flood of tributes that will show up about six weeks from now.

Besides being an unmatched musician and performer, Prince was more political than many people realize, donating huge sums of money anonymously to progressive causes for years.  He was among the black stars that gave Spike Lee the money to finish Malcolm X when Warner Bros. was jerking Spike around.  We should have known then that the countdown was on until he gave them the finger himself.

But above all, Prince knew who he was on every step of his journey of self-discovery and understanding the world around him. That ain’t easy to do.  He openly expressed  his sexuality and  fully embraced his spirituality through his artistry- sometimes in the same song.  He expanded our view of the world and the world is better because he was here.


∞ May U Live 2 See The Dawn π

2 thoughts on “Prince: We Reflect on an Iconic Artist & Unchained Spirit

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  1. On being an icon, know who we are, be who we are, do the work, celebrate yourself and support the success of others! Prince…..thank you for the example.


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