Some White HOT Truth Courtesy of Danielle!

***This is an AWESOME piece written by Ms. Danielle. LOVED IT so much I had to share. I thought I was the only one that felt this way. Glad that I am not in the club alone! -Enjoy



The Courageous Minority vs. the road to mediocrity (which is always really…safe.)
Most people will proceed as planned. They’ll stay quiet, suppress their doubts with rationality. They’ll make the choice to save money, save face, not rock the boat. Don’t want to disappoint people. There’s a lot on the line. I said I would, so I should.

Safe. The road to mediocre is always really…safe. 

And in terms of fulfillment, “safe” is really, really dangerous.

The Courageous Minority will risk being judged as indecisive, unreasonable, and flakey (in fact, they’ll expect it). They’ll take a deep breath and steady themselves for some conflict, a miracle, or both. And they will put on the brakes, throw a wrench into the works, push for change, ask for the unreasonable. Or move on. Completely.

Their risks tend to pay off, because they took them. Even though…they had come so far, invested so much, raised the stakes, had people to please, signed the contract, booked the flight. Even though…it’s really uncomfortable, extremely inconvenient, disruptive and awkward. It’s always awkward.

Courage elevates your perspective of time. You can see that the disruption of risk is temporary, and that playing it safe can extend your numbness for a very, very long time –– and that’s how “good enough” becomes toxic.

Mediocrity isn’t benign. Or passive. Or neutral. It’s soul poison. 

And “risk” doesn’t seem that risky when you consider that your joy and integrity are on the line.

All Love,




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  1. I really dig what this lady is saying. There is fertile ground for a really intriguing debate on a few of these points- but I dig her take on things just the same. Thanks for posting her perspective in this space. Nice call.


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