America On Trial: James Comey’s Revenge

In our politics and pop culture the imagery of a trial is often employed for dramatic affect- and more often than not the imagery is grossly inaccurate.   Trials are depicted as emotional and psychological roller coaster rides with big, exciting moments, shocking disclosures and damning admissions that are certain to doom or liberate the person being judged.  In real life, you can watch trials all day every day year after year without ever seeing anything like the famous Al Pacino And Justice For All explosion from the courtroom floor “You’re out of order!! They’re out of order!!  This whole system is out of order!!”


Nor will you see a witness condemn themselves and seal their fate with an angry outburst like Jack Nicholson’s famous A Few Good Men eruption “You want the truth?!  You can’t handle the truth!!”  Doesn’t happen, folks.


But today something that is highly consequential is going on in Washington, D.C.  James Comey, the former FBI Director who was recently dispatched by President Trump, will provide testimony before the United States Senate on information that he has bearing on ties between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government and covert operatives.  Whether anything illegal or unethical went on is yet to be determined formally but in the court of public opinion Trump has already been found guilty of a crime that would have sent any legitimate public servant to the political gas-chamber.  He has a cozy and comfy relationship with Vladimir Putin and has demonstrated that relationship is more important to him than the conventions of American politics and public service.  The entire political paradigm is being turned on its head right now and don’t believe the hype, this is NOT exactly what we need.   We need that like we need a sledge-hammer to fix our car when its not running right.


Loyalty to the country must always be the first value of any public servant, and most necessarily so for our Chief Public Servant.    Conservatives and GOP voters are still eating from the same plate when it comes to our elective politics despite all of the theatrical in-fighting.  Right now, they are having a moment of reckoning with this Comey hearing.  They have to decide if their allegiance is to their country or to their party.  And these days, allegiance to their party means allegiance to one man- Donald Trump- who has been transparent and clear about the fact that he has allegiance to absolutely nobody but himself and his very tight inside circle.


So America itself went on trial during the Comey hearing.  His testimony will most likely be a bunch of technocratic mumbo jumbo that experts and pundits will be unpacking for weeks to come.  But engaged citizens need to keep their eye on the ball through all of that misdirection and head-faking.  If anybody is talking about anything OTHER than the evident likelihood that a foreign power- an enemy of our state- got their hands into our election with the consent of one of our major parties that person is a traitor to our nation.  They are a party loyalist to the level of toxicity and possibly even treason.

This really is a time for choosing and there is no escaping the choice.  You either care about America and her institutions primarily or you care about political tribalism and loyalty to Trump.  There is no third option.  The world is watching so I implore my conservative colleagues to choose wisely.  All bets are off if you choose wrong you will find that our country will be alot closer to the cliff than we ever realized.

Good luck, Godspeed & God Bless America.

The Progressive Pugilist

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