America On Trial: James Comey’s Revenge

The Game Changed This Week- I Hope We Didn’t Miss It

The Progressive Pugilist with D.V.H. Esquire

In our politics and pop culture the imagery of a trial is often employed for dramatic affect- and more often than not the imagery is grossly inaccurate.   Trials are depicted as emotional and psychological roller coaster rides with big, exciting moments, shocking disclosures and damning admissions that are certain to doom or liberate the person being judged.  In real life, you can watch trials all day every day year after year without ever seeing anything like the famous Al Pacino And Justice For Allexplosion from the courtroom floor “You’re out of order!! They’re out of order!!  This whole system is out of order!!”


Nor will you see a witness condemn themselves and seal their fate with an angry outburst like Jack Nicholson’s famous A Few Good Meneruption “You want the truth?!  You can’t handle the truth!!”  Doesn’t happen, folks.


But today something that is highly consequential is…

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