“The Godfather” Lied To You- Business Is HIGHLY Personal (Contains Adult Language)

The Progressive Pugilist with D.V.H. Esquire

Because I am a certified cinephile I tend to get highly agitated when movie quotes are misappropriated and misunderstood by unenlightened viewers.  There is no greater example of this than one of the most famous quotes from one of the most famous films ever.  In “The Godfather” there is a scene (actually several scenes) where some variation of the phrase “it is just business, it’s not personal” serves as the dialogue money shot.  I’m calling bullshit on that now and forever.  It is certainly a nicely crafted line for a movie but that is why movies are not real life.  In real life, I am going to tell you what is going on if somebody says to you “it is just business, not personal.” They are about to power-fuck you, and not in the way that you want it so I strongly suggest that you check…

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