Ivanka Trump Is Nothing Special (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

I do not have an ax to grind with Ivanka Trump.  As far as I can tell, she has just done what the average person born in America does: she is occupying the spaces and places that she was born into.  According to available social statistics, over 90% of Americans occupy the same socio-economic status as their parents.  And since socio-economic mobility is damn near a relic of the past, it is a perfectly safe assumption that had this woman been born to a cab driver, she would probably be celebrating completing her nail technician certification right now instead of moving into her office in the West Wing of the White House- just down the hall from her daddy, President Fuckface.  This is not to put her down- just to direct media figures to stop putting her up on a damned pedestal.  Statistically speaking, that woman is absolutely positively average.  If she gives Chris Matthews a hard-on and leaves Bill O’Reilly jerking off under his desk then that’s fine.  I get it, even her own father can’t contain himself around her.  Just stop trying to sell the idea that this chick is anything extraordinary.


There is no doubt that centuries of mind fuckery have conditioned American men to look upon her like she is some kind of a special gift from God.  She is tall, lean, and blond.  And whether it is attributable to God or one hell of a plastic surgeon, she has a huge rack.  It doesn’t matter which, they are hers for sure.  But since she’s got an ivy league pedigree and a reported $800 million dollars in the bank, this is the perfect recipe for being worshiped and lathered over by men who are supposed to be sober commentators on our politics.  They seldom get fed this type of eye candy inside of the world that they occupy so they have just lost their shit over this woman.

But hear this:  the rest of us haven’t and we don’t give a fuck how you try to package and sell her.  She is just another wealthy white person who was born on third base and gets to act like they got up to bat and hit a triple.  She was supposed to be some great voice of reason for her father- an energy of calm and restraint for an unhinged lunatic with despotic tendencies.  But nothing like that has played out.  To the contrary: during the very same week that Ivanka was cleared to move into the White House as an official employee of the President, he began unraveling all of the enhanced legal protections that President Obama put in place to protect women in the workplace on his very first day in office.  It will be harder for working women to hold employers accountable for unfair wages and opportunities.  The initiative for equal pay?  Gone with the wind.  Shame on every woman that voted for this nihilistic asshole that got caught confessing his pencant for pussy-grabbing .

But single out Ivanka for shame with some stank on it:  she was supposed to champion issues that mattered to women, but who really bought that bullshit from a woman who has lived her life like this:


But at bottom, almost everybody these days who is supposed to be in public service is out for self, why should she be any different?  Just because she has had absolutely every advantage and opportunity that our nation could give a woman?  Just because she can blink her eyes like fucking I Dream Of Jeanie and have anything she wants?  Why waste time helping other people when you can have a clothing line like every other chick on reality TV?  Maybe the child slave labor stitching those garments together are the jobs that her father is going to return to Pennsylvania and Michigan to “Make America Great Again.”

So my message to all of you media guys who never miss a chance to talk about how beautiful and elegant and intelligent Ivanka is, just remember this:  Her daddy trained her well how to captivate horny old white men just like you- and her training started early.  No wonder Daddy Donald keeps her husband Jared Kushner so busy traveling all over the world.  But that’s a topic for another day.  For today, just know this:  Ivanka and her dad are fucking creepy and she is surely nothing special.


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