Quickie & Coffee- A New Perspective On Fear

I respect the views on fear that have become popular in our age of self-improvement and self-empowerment.  Some of those views have even been expressed to great affect right here on TPP.  I enjoy reading those views and often find them encouraging.

Today we are going to add something important to the analysis of fear.  Because no matter how much you gear up your grit or gas up your tank, there are going to be moments in this life when you feel fear- ranging from anxiety to outright terror.  The question is, what do you do about it when it hits?

My thought is that we first recognize that all fear is NOT created equal.  There is the fear that accompanies exhilaration- like these ladies who were insane enough to climb aboard this ridiculously scary roller coaster.


Then there is the fear that accompanies the experience of this young lady who is on her way into an elective surgery.  The physical, emotional and psychological reflexes feel very similar but they are different and recognizing that up front can certainly help to channel their fear constructively which is key to the ultimate outcome in every case.  

Jazmine Raygoza is wheeled into an operating room for her gastric banding operation at Rose Medical Center in Denver

In both cases, they are about to have an experience that is a  temporary journey far outside of their daily comfort zone.  In both cases, there is a very real sense that their being is about to be pushed to a limit that it rarely experiences- if ever.  And In both cases there is the thought that they may not make it out alive.

From the comfort of the outside we can see the glaring differences here but we would do well to apply that contrast to our own lives.  Ask yourself when you feel fear:


After that roller-coaster you are going to be the same-  only you will have that exciting and titillating experience to reflect on.  After that surgery, you should be changed forever for the better.  Identify the fear you are facing down and adjust perspective accordingly.

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