The Pride Before The Fall

We have no room to blow this off.  Listen to the historians that are sounding the alarm about the direction of our nation right now- culturally and socially.  We remember our high school history classes and know well enough that no great world power or empire ever expected that it was going to fall until it was too late for them to reverse course.  They were full of pride and hubris- expecting to retain their perch atop the nations of the world as a matter of course and natural right as opposed to disciplined development, consciencious leadership and sober relations with other nations.


Don’t believe The Progressive Pugilist- just check your standard 10th grade history text (unless you live in Texas where the history books are full of fiction and propaganda).  As soon as the hubris of arrogance and entitlement settled in for the Roman Empire, the British Empire, and every other world-dominating nation, so did the slow down.  Like a heavyweight champion that stops training properly because he takes his opponents too lightly, these dominant nations blew off the small indications that their power and influence were waning.  They became fascinated with entertaining themselves with games, competitions and dramatic representations of reality.   And their social stratification was given so much weight it seems utterly ridiculous in retrospect. All of that should sound painfully familiar to us proud and patriotic Americans who can set all of our “isms” aside for a meaningless football or basketball game on a Saturday but can’t regularly worship God together on Sundays.


And in America we fell so in love with entertainment that we finally elected a professional entertainer as the leader of our nation.  This man has been playing the role of self-made business tycoon and billionaire for decades now when all evidence proves that he is nothing more than a loud-mouthed, media whoring, trust-fund baby.  He has made more money talking about making money than he actually has made making money.  So in practical affect, we selected a pretender to lead the most powerful nation on earth.  He is as prepared to take the helm of this country and wield its awesome power as the spoiled and unhinged offspring of despots from nations we deplore.


Make no mistake about it:  electing Donald Trump as president was the greatest act of hubris that we could have committed as a nation.  And you can bet your ass we are going to pay for it.  Those who voted for him are so busy masturbating to the electoral map of 2016 and their murals of Elvis, Ronald Reagan and white Jesus that they are completely blind to the cost of our egregious error.


The fact that Trump lies all the time is not an alarming development for our country- but the fact that his lying has been effectively normalized by so much of our media and accepted by an even greater proportion of our citizenry is.

Believe this:  when simple facts and transparent truths become debatable in any society, that society is ripe for a fall.  We look like a nation of fools right now- not because we have elected a president with poor policy proscriptions, but because we have elected a president that does not even know what any of his policy proscriptions mean- and neither he nor his acolytes care.  For them the only question that matters is “Are you not entertained?!”  


The presidency is now a playground and if you pay attention, Americans are not the only ones playing on it.  Russia is in the house and so that means that Iran and Syria are too. Chaos is reigning in D.C. while the Republicans are throwing a party in honor of a president who said George W. Bush knew about 9/11 ahead of time and that Barack Obama was born in Africa and installed as president by an intercontinental 45 year long conspiratorial cabal of leftist terrorists.  Either President Trump is a fool or he is playing one incredibly well on television.  As long as the ratings are “YUGE” he clearly doesn’t give a damn.

So it is official: up is down, black is white, truth is lies and America, once the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world is now bloated, lazy and dazed in the ring.  We are Buster Douglas sucking wind as we lug all of our flab into the ring against a fit and chiseled if undersized Evander Holyfield.  And we all know how that turned out.


Sure, Buster got a boatload of money to get knocked on his fat ass, but get knocked on his fat ass he most certainly did.  And we are becoming a nation of Busters- and we keep telling ourselves that we are Rocky Babloa.  Unfortunately, Buster was reality and Rocky is a fantasy.  But even in the fantasy world, Sylvester Stallone had the good sense to show the world what happens to a champion that looses its focus and fails to take challenges seriously.  And in fantasy land Rocky made a miraculous comeback.  In reality, Buster faded into obscurity.  And unless we see the reality of what we are becoming we are certain to share the same fate.


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