Am I Supposed To Give A Damn About Steve Scalise? (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

Why is it a part of our media culture that when something bad happens to somebody we are supposed to forget about what kind of person they are?  Steve Scalise, Republican Congressman from Louisiana, the majority whip of the United States Congress, got shot this morning in the hip by some crazy asshole who took his politics to an extreme that reflects on nobody but himself.  Fools like this will latch on to anything until they find something that will fuel their final meltdown.  This clown was no different so all of the right wing media talking heads trying to pin this on Rachel Maddow need to STFU and hope I never catch you flying in or out of Atlanta.  I don’t do guns but you still don’t want to see me.  I am the reason why punks like you carry guns in the first place- but I digress.

So this fool opens fire on the Repuiblicans practicing for thier annual charity baseball game and we are supposed to be praying for Steve Scalise to recover.  Not me.  I recall that Steve Scalise is an open sympathizer with the Ku Klux Klan- once joking that he was “David Duke without the robe.”  I recall that Steve Scalise was a birther- complicit in the deranged lie that Barack Obama was an illegitimate citizen and therefore an illegitimate president.  And he loved every minute of all of it because it helped him live out his dream of personal power, privilege and access.

So no I am not praying for Steve Scalise and his family.  I don’t give a damn if he has a speedy recovery or any recovery at all.  I am not sitting here rooting for this guy to die but somebody with a public platform has to keep it real on issues like this and as long as I am The Progressive Pugilist it will be me.  

So if God wants to have mercy on Steve Scalise and forgive him for being a hostile energy and a wicked spirit toward anybody who is not like him, that is God’s business.  But I don’t give a damn.  If he joins that asshole who shot him in hell from this incident it won’t mean a thing to me.  Scalise did not ask to get shot but he definitely leveraged the very worst instincts and reflexes that human beings have that show up in our politics.

This guy gambled against fate and he lost- how bad his loss was remains to be seen.  But you can bet your ass that when he recovers, he’ll still be committed to that plan to dump 25 million people off of their health insurance, and cut programs that help poor people, old people and America’s most vulnerable children.  So I’ll summarize it like this: Fuck Steve Scalise.


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