Happy Birthday, A$$hole- We Found Some Poetic Justice That Will Fit You Perfectly

On his 71st birthday it was announced that President Trump is officially under investigation for obstruction of justice.  This is a very big deal so don’t let all of the hype about this shooting today distract you from what really matters.   Nobody is going to die from this shooting no matter how much the media dramatizes it and overhypes it for ratings.  But there are going to be some political casualties for sure that result from this official investigation.  Let’s see how hard Republican pundits and pols have to twist and turn to dodge questions and ignore the blistering realities that lie ahead.

Chief amongst them are the hours and hours of tape where candidate Trump is railing against Hilary Clinton, howling that she can never serve as president while under a criminal investigation.  All while the lynch mob passing for a political rally chanted “Lock her up!! Lock her up!!”  Normally you don’t see that kind of lust expressed so openly by GOP folks unless there are congressional pages or under-aged siblings in the room.  But they could get it up without a problem at the thought of locking up Hilary Clinton.  And leading the chants and jeers were Michael Flynn who is still out there begging for some kind of an immunity deal and Jeff Sessions who did a fantastic Forrest Gump impression during his Senate Intelligence Committee hearing yesterday drawling “I don’t recaaaawll” about 94 times in less than two hours.

Now Trump is sitting on a seat that is so hot it is never going to cool off for however much time he has left in the Oval Office.  He deserves it for talking all of that noise during the campaign.  Poetic justice has never arrived so swiftly and fit so perfectly in presidential politics.  If we can just be patient while 100 Harvard lawyers work their asses off to prove what we all already know, we might just make it through this Trump nightmare yet.  Because impeachment or no impeachment, charges or no charges, Trump is officially a political dumpster fire and the whole GOP is going to get burned.


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