Quickie & Coffee- Embrace Change And Change Will Embrace You

Stated many times in many contexts over many years but it bears repeating:

The One True Constant In Life Is Change 

And Change plays such a central role in the story of all of our lives that it would behoove us to develop a constructive and productive relationship with Change.  If we fight with Change and resist Change, it will give that negativity right back to us and I hate to disappoint you but Change is going to win that battle every time.  We can fight off change just as effectively as the trees can when the seasons turn- which is to say that we can’t at all and thank God for that.


But we can also learn to embrace Change and harness its astonishing transformative powers.  When we see change coming our way we can pull its power and energy into us and propel ourselves into the new with confidence and momentum.


And if we really learn to get Change on our side, we can harness it on purpose and direct its amazing power.  And we do that by Changing ourselves with this simple idea

If You Want To Have What You Have Never Had, You Must Do What You Have Never Done

This concept is entirely about harnessing the power of change and it can take us as far as we are willing to let it.  We just have to embrace that power so it can embrace us back.  And just like in nature, that is when the magic happens.

∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow  π

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