WOMEN BE WARNED: The Assault On Senator Kamala Harris Is A Bad Omen

They are not even pretending anymore.  Old white men from the political right wing are in full attack mode and they want back what they think is rightfully theirs- which is everything.  They are not even willing to extend the courtesy and respect demanded by their own institutions anymore.  That is the only way to explain the open disrespect of California Senator Kamala Harris at this week’s Senate hearing on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ role in or knowledge of the infiltration of Russian intelligence agents into the general election of 2016.


Women of every cultural background and political persuasion need to be paying close attention to what is going on here because if a woman like Kamala Harris is going to be subjected to this level of public disregard, you damned well better believe it is about to be open season on the rest of you in every setting you can imagine.  These men want you back in your place- which is, as they see it, either in the “typing pool”, barefoot and pregnant or crawling around on your knees with a leash around your neck being held by some man.  And if you don’t wake the hell up now, that is exactly where your roads are going to lead to in the future.  Do not doubt that this is their goal.  

Having to look at that beautiful black American family in the White House for the last 8 years has driven these fools over the edge and you would be foolish to put anything past them at this point.  They are trying desperately to wash away the stain and the stench of the Obama years.  Having to stand up when a black man and a black woman entered the room is a hard thing for old rednecks to get over and it shows.  Right now, Senator Harris is paying the price.


In case you don’t know what we are dealing with here, Kamala Harris has been an elite performer at every level for as long as she has been performing.  Superstar student from elementary school through law school, superstar prosecuting attorney in Northern California, superstar State Attorney General and now U.S. Senator sitting on the Senate Intelligence Committee advocating for her fellow citizens interests in policing activities bearing on our national security.  

By all public metrics and objective measures, Kamala Harris has kicked ass and set herself apart as a professional woman.  She is entitled to the full respect of the office she holds and of the record she accumulated to put her there.  Make no mistake about it- unlike many of her legacy colleagues in the Senate, she earned her way to that office on her own brains, guts, guile and grit.  

And with that distinguished record, she was publicly admonished and interrupted by Senator John McCain and Senator Richard Burr, neither of them a lawyer or a scholar of any distinction whatsoever, and told how to properly question a witness- Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.  And if that name conjures the image of a proud Confederate General, you’d be precisely on point.  His very name drips with the condescension and mint julep of the Old South.  It oozes from his pores as slick and rancid as wino sweat and he is so self-satisfied he has no clue of his repugnance.


McCain and Burr are of average intellect at best so I suppose their maleness and whiteness was all the qualification that they needed to shut Senator Harris down and keep her from demonstrating the gall and temerity to question this old, white, distinguished southern gentlemen.  That is how this little drama played out and this is only the beginning.  

Women in America need to take this very seriously because this kind of flagrant disrespect and disregard at the very top of our government is going to trickle down until it is a steady stream and all women get wet.  Your rights to full access and equal opportunities only matter if they are enforced from the top and Attorney General Sessions is the man in charge of that and his homeboys who tag-teamed against Kamala Harris to protect him are a part of the governing majority right now.  NO women hold any leadership posts in their caucus.  And they are not ashamed.


Ladies, you are warned.  It is about to get ugly and the vast majority of you are not nearly as equipped to protect and preserve your position as was Senator Harris on yesterday.  She is going to be alright regardless of what these racist jackals do- does that hold true for all of you?  Don’t kid yourself and build a false sense of security out of ego or vanity.  

Start pushing back now- professionally and aggressively- but most of all politically.  Make your voices heard by any and every means necessary to let them know who will be setting the terms for what you will be doing in your future and how you will be doing it.  My suggestion is that you get in gear now for the next big showdown:  get Senator Harris on your 2020 Democratic ticket along with Senator Elizabeth Warren.  No more Hilary half-measures- 2 powerful women running for the biggest office on earth.  And elect women up and down the ballot too and cancel the sausage party that has gone on for far too long.  But first you have to wake up, ladies.  Please, before it’s too late.

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7 thoughts on “WOMEN BE WARNED: The Assault On Senator Kamala Harris Is A Bad Omen

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  1. Great Job. I would just like to state and I hope you don’t mind dear sir. I am going to be very frank, Your energies and message are better served to direct toward Black Women and WOC more precisely. My “faith” in the White woman to do the “right thing” and take this message to heart no longer exist in a form that is recognizable. Their participation in last year’s presidential election should have proven over and over that they are not reliable. Unfortunately, I am of the belief, as sad as it is for me to say this, that the only type of future they truly desire is one that looks like some version depicted in the series handmaiden on HULU. And our women have come too far to be subjected to the careless whims of people who just refuse to “get” it.


    1. I completely dig where you are coming from. I have posted pieces on that exact issue on TPP earlier in the year. My concern is the math. White women blew the last election but If they redeem themselves the landacape can shift forcefully in a single cycle. And we can wash the stain of Trumpism off of our politics for good. Thanks so much for weighing in.


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