Happy Father’s Day (pt.2)

A friend, who I’ve know since we played Little League together in the late 70s, recently described my father as, “A real man, through and through.”

Oh, that he was.

I loved Harold Conley, Jr. as much as a guy can love his old man. We were born on the same day, (the birthday cake below was for both of us on OUR birthday, Jan. 25th) and we were very close. As you can see from our very first ever picture together, (left) the love began when he first loved me. That love grew with me, his only son, and came full circle when I had my daughter, Jordan, (right) my only child.

First Pic with Dad.jpgMe & Baby Jay

Me & Dad.jpg

Holidays 2013.jpg

I learned from my father that a man’s legacy isn’t in the life he lives; but the love he leaves behind, which, when given in the same measure to which he received, will live on forever. The bible says that a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.

To Dad; thank you for the love you left us. Thank you for being a template for what a father, husband and real man should be, through and through. You, and men like you, are the reasons we celebrate our fathers on Father’s Day.

To DVH, his dad Michael, and all my paternal brethren, a toast to you. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.

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