Quickie & Coffee- JUST DO YOU

One of the most successful advertising campaigns in the history of marketing was Nike’s influential and timeless Just Do It commercials.  In both print and on screens it was everywhere. And it was absolute genius- in both its simplicity and poignancy.

The idea was that those who saw the ads should stop thinking about “it” and stop talking about “it” and just get off their asses and do “it.”  Whatever their “it” happens to be. 

It was the 1980’s and Nike’s Just Do It took the world by storm making that brand the gold standard in a multi-billion dollar sports and recreational apparel industry.  Effective ad campaigns can permanently alter the landscape.


And now we are in need of another permanent landscape alteration- one that is designed especially for this is new millenium  and age of highly interactive social media.  The ever escalating activity of broadcasting one’s own personal affairs and activities to the ever expanding audience of cyberspace has become a life pursuit all its own.  So we must be cautious not to get so busy broadcasting our lives and monitoring the lives of others that we are depleting the precious time, energy and focus we need to actually build our lives. And then we stop “doing” much of anything.


So here is my campaign for the present day- and for those of us who remember Just Do It from our teen-age years, this should resonate especially well as we are now in our 40’s:


Don’t worry about what anybody else is doing as long as it is not blocking your pathway. Don’t worry about what anybody else is saying if they are not saying it directly to you. Don’t worry about anything that is not required to become the YOU that YOU want to be.

∞ Thanks 4 checking in-  Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you 2morrow  π



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