Quickie & Coffee- Clean Fuel Only

It is not easy to stay motivated.  And the harder the task at hand, the greater the need to stay motivated- and the more challenging it can be.  Because it can be so difficult to maintain the motivation levels required to carry tasks to completion we’re tempted to grab it from anywhere we can get it.  But all motivation isn’t good for us- even if it gives us the fuel we need to get to the finish line.

If our motivation is negative- the “Ill show them they were wrong to doubt me, discount me, misuse me or abuse me” type- we may very well get where we are going, but we may also develop an addiction to a dangerous drug in the form of negative fuel.  We may find ourselves always searching for slights, insults and upsets to keep the engines firing.  And if there are no upsets to be found, we may need to compare and measure our own progress and status against others- a practice that almost never yields positive results.

The truth is we probably didn’t need that negative fuel in the first place.  Sure it can give a short term boost but so would snorting a line of cocaine before going into work.

If we succeeded in meeting a goal it is because we met the moment: we had the discipline, vision, will and skill to do it.  

Our choice of a clean fuel will make a real difference in how well our engines run when taking on challenges ahead after the present one is met.


Just like the fuel we put into our cars is designed to meet particular emissions standards, so too should we be conscious of what emits from our spirit. And remember: the finest cars require only the cleanest fuel.

∞ Thanks 4 checking in-  Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you 2morrow  π

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