Check The Returns From Georgia’s 6th: CHANGE IS COMING IF WE KEEP VOTING

The turnout was big- just like we wanted.  Our candidate was young, talented and charismatic.  And we got the biggest share of the vote that we have gotten since before Michael Jackson became a solo act.  But it wasn’t quite enough.  Jon Ossoff’s 48% of the vote means that the Republicans will retain the seat of Newt Gingrich and Tom Price for at least another year.


And by then the Republicans will have to run on healthcare- either their own disastrous plan or on the fact that they could not get that mythical “repeal and replace” trick turned.  Either way, The Georgia 6th is going to be competitive as hell and ripe for the taking.  The Democrats need to win 24 seats to take over control of the House and there are 23 districts that Hilary Clinton won that will be voting on their congressman in 2018.  The table is set for us to win big but we gotta keep our heads up.  In the words of Chuck D from Public Enemy

Don’t Let A Win Go To Your Head Or A Loss Go To Your Heart


This fight is just beginning.  We need to fight to win and run this excellent candidate again. Vote for Jon Ossoff in 2018 

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6 thoughts on “Check The Returns From Georgia’s 6th: CHANGE IS COMING IF WE KEEP VOTING

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  1. Success in anything requires pushing through the tough times, rough patches, set backs and losses. If you are committed to the long term vision, you collect yourself, recommit and re-engage. If there is another way to win I’ll be damned if I have ever heard of it. I am confident that we’ll get it done because I am certain that we will keep pushing.


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