Quickie & Coffee – INSECURITY

I have been around a long time- long enough to have learned that there are some things that are common to the human experience and some things that are strictly individualized.  And one thing I know is that the battle between feelings of security and insecurity is both eternal and exhaustive.  It touches us all.

No person is exempted from feelings of insecurity and the more fierce the denial of insecurity the greater the supply you are likely find should you drill deep enough.


The good news is that because it is in all of us, so too is the solution to any problems being caused by our insecurities.  Because here is the key

We All Have Insecurities. What Distinguishes Us And Defines Us Is How We Deal With Them

In the  most overly simplistic dichotomy ever drawn, I suggest that there are two polar opposite approaches to dealing with insecurity.  On one end we can choose to be a “Denier” and on the other end we can choose to be a”Destroyer.”  There are those of us that spend our emotional resources denying and minimizing our insecurities- deflecting focus and attention onto other people and other issues as we struggle to deal with our own realities.


And there are those of us that spend our human capital acknowledging and attacking our insecurities head on in an effort to destroy them.  It is not hard to figure which approach I am endorsing here.  Having spent some time in both camps, I can attest that the “destroyer” is the best option by far.

Make no mistake about it-  being a “destroyer” is a lot more work than being a “denier”- but being a “destroyer” provides something that the “denier” will probably never get to experience: the peace that comes with knowledge of self, and the self-actualization that can flow from it.  Not to mention the real opportunity to mitigate and minimize the impact that those stubborn insecurities can have on our lives.

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