Why Getting Shot Was Great For Steve Scalise And The Republican Party (Warning: Contains Strong Language)

Nothing is more valuable to a villain than the opportunity to be cast as an innocent victim.  The veneer of victimhood  allows the villain to carry on his dastardly deeds under the cover of public sympathy with impunity.  This is the reason why Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and other conservative media entities spend so much time and emotional energy complaining about how unfairly they are being targeted or treated by SOMEBODY.  Either they are being persecuted by the “mainstream media” or harassed by blacks, infiltrated by gays, disenfranchised by Mexicans or terrorized by Muslims.  Playing the victim gives them the ultimate command of the wolf in sheeps clothing dynamic.


Since conservative media is a nonstop bitch-fest, Steve Scalise getting shot by that deranged asshole who worked on the Bernie Sanders campaign was solid gold for them.  Unless outlets like The Progressive Pugilist continue to point out what a complete racist asshole Steve Scalise was in Louisiana in order to land that plum job in D.C., he will be permanently canonized as some sort of an idealistic public servant who was targeted by his political enemies for standing up for his principles.

Bullshit.  He just happened to be in the line of fire when this Froot Loop finally fell out of the bowl.  Sure, Steve Scalise is a public servant and the public he serves are his supporters and bosom buddies from the KKK and other white supremacist, “alt-right” organizations.  He has openly acknowledged it and even laughed about it- referring to himself as “David Duke without the white robe.”  So this guy is not just your typical Republican asshole.  He is the type of asshole that can contaminate a group with his presence.  He has been a key figure in normalizing racial animus amongst leadership in the GOP.

It is out in the open now because of jackasses like Steve Scalise- but now we will be flooded with media stories and soundbites about how hard he is fighting to recover, what a fighter and resilient spirit he is, how much he loves the congress, the country, his wife and his children.  And those who recall and broadcast who this guy really is will be cast as “haters” and “leftists”  After my first piece on Steve Scalise I actually got a Tweet from a reader that simply stated “You are not human.”  There is all the proof required.  My refusal to pretend to feel sympathy for a goddamned racist that can actually hurt people through his influence in our government means for some that I am no longer a member of the human race.  Lucky for me my status is not their call to make.

But that’s cool.  Because let me be perfectly clear on where I stand:

If being human means being a fake-ass fraud then I want no parts of it.  People play politics all the time but politics is not a game.  Policies have consequences and those consequences impact people’s lives. So tell it like it is or shut the fuck up. Either stand tall or sit the fuck down.

Just wait until the results and statistics emerge reflecting the carnage of the Republican’s healthcare bill.  Or just go and visit an old person who has been enjoying “meals on wheels” for years who won’t now because the GOP jackals distributing our resources now are cutting it because they don’t see the proof that it works.  As opposed to the mountain of data supporting massive tax cuts for the wealthy right?  Get the fuck out of here.  Steve Scalise and his ilk are open opponents to any formalized support for the needs of the most vulnerable members of our society.  Steve Scalise and his ilk are servants and foot soldiers to the entrenched special interests that have only one interest controlling an ever-increasing slice of the pie until we become a modern version of a society of oligarchy and feudalism.  We are not as far from that now as people think we are.

So I’m doubling down:  Fuck Steve Scalise.  Fuck him and all of the white-washing, normalizing, human interest, tear-jerking, snot rag stories that will be coming out as his doctors continue to dramatically upgrade his condition for reporters.  Spare me the updates.  We all know that cretins like Steve Scalise almost always get off the hook and rarely pay the piper.  And that pattern will hold.  You heard it here first:  Steve Scalise will be elevated in the GOP from this shooting.  He will benefit from it.  He will capitalize on it politically and financially.  It already started.  Political ads that ran in the Georgia 6th district used the shooting as propaganda against Democrats and there is no evidence of any backlash whatsoever.  They won that race by a wider margin than projected. Because that is what assholes like Steve Scalise do.  And non-humans like me will keep calling them out.

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