Night Cap with Dana Lena: Birth Babies and Dreams

When God created woman, He created a masterpiece. Woman (which literally means WOMB) is the birthing canal for all things. Not only do we birth life, we birth dreams. We birth visions. We birth companies. Seeds (babies and ideas) are deposited in us. We nurture that seed. We cultivate it. We give it what it needs to become a thriving thing. That is what we do. If we are on the wrong side of ourselves, we birth jealousy. We birth strife. We birth envy. We birth confusion. We birth brokenness. The birth canal becomes a death chamber.

Every single man on the face of the earth that lives anything extraordinary, has a woman he turns around and points to. Any man that has achieved any level of greatness, has a woman that he turns around to and thanks.  Being a WomBman, is a gift. When WomBman is connected to the right man and he is connected to her, he soars! He begins to hit his stride. He looks better. He feels better. He is better. He producers at a higher level. Whatever he has, when he places it in the right WOMBmans hands, she increases it.

Give her lemons and she will make lemonade. Give her apples and she will make a  pie. Give her an empty house and it becomes paradise. Give her a thousand dollars and she will stretch it like Jesus did when he fed five thousand with a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread.  Ladies, if you are walking in your WOMBman already, rock it girl! Keep birthing his dreams which are his babies. Keep doing what it is that you do. Fellas if you have a woman that does not inspire you, motivate you, encourage and edify you, you have yourself a situation and I do not have another word to say about that.

Woman, if you find yourself on the wrong side of your purpose, do the work. Become who you need to become for your self first and while you are busy doing you, the man that you were created for will recognize you with a “Damn, there she is. She belongs to me” and the making of your brand of history will begin.

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