Quickie & Coffee- Do The World A Favor: Leave The Judging To Judy

Human beings are social and interactive by nature.  Our Creator made us that way.  And because we are social creatures and our interactions are so core to our identity we also have a powerful reflex to judge, assess and evaluate others.  Some of that is necessary of course for our survival.  But beyond the security and survival reflex, it can get quite complicated.  And when we go overboard it goes beyond complication and descends into darkness between people.  But there is a simple solution:


We select and appoint people to formally pass judgment on us to keep our society organized and functioning.  Unless you are one of them your feelings about somebody else- no matter how forceful- have no business becoming a policy that anybody outside of your home should be forced to live by or even listen to.  So in our shared public spaces and places, just be cool and mind your own.  Take care of you and yours and live and let live.  Until you get hired as Archangel Gabriel’s assistant manager to sit at the gates of Heaven to let people in or turn them away, keep in mind that your opinions are less valuable than a bus token.

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