Night Cap with Dana Lena’: Developing our Bodies and Our Minds

We spend a ton of time and energy perfecting and polishing our exterior woman. The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and we are going all in. A trip to the beauty supply store on any given day will reveal women in lines with bundles, lashes, extensions and perm kits. Black women, white women, hispanic women and candy stripe women. All women invest in their outer woman.

As we are dolling ourselves up, doing our exercise routines, sipping our colon cleaners and working out our gluteal muscles lets not forget about another significant part of our body, our brain. Some say the brain is a muscle, others say it is not but for sure it is the most complex and magnificent organ in the human body. Our brain gives us awareness of ourselves and of our environment, processing a constant stream of sensory data. It controls our muscle movements, the secretions of our glands, and even our breathing and internal temperature. Every creative thought, feeling, and plan is developed by our brain. The brain’s neurons record the memory of every event in our lives.

Let me repeat, every creative thought, feeling, and plan is developed by our brain. Who we are, what we think about who we are, our plan as it relates to our being all starts in that space between our two ears. We should give it some much needed attention. Develop it deliberately and intentionally. Expand our knowledge and be open to wisdom.  Seek out what we do not know and what we need to know so we can go where we have never been.

The great thing about the gluteal muscle and the brain muscle is that we can work them out at the same time. I do not know about you, but I am going to take the lead of the beautiful woman depicted here.  I am going to squat and read. Squat and read baby!  I am sure a whole notha level of happy will follow. My body and my brain will be working in perfect harmony and getting every single thing that I  want.  What more could I want? What more can a man want….gratified and satisfied at both ends.  Yeah, baby!

Happy Reading!

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