Back on April 7th The Progressive Pugilist embraced the conspiracy theory that Syrian President Bashir Al-Asad was the central actor in a conspiracy with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to draw the attention of the American public away from embarrassing news stories about Trump.  And the events of the last 24 hours supports the conspiracy even further.  Back in April, Al-Asad used chemical weapons to kill dozens of Syrian dissidents (including children) with toxic gas in the light of day, in public spaces.  The pictures were harrowing and disturbing.  And in that moment, Trump’s political troubles at home fell from the headlines into the second or even third story of the news cycle.

That is more valuable than it may sound because it bought Trump an opportunity to “look presidential” in response to this seeming international crisis.

Flash forward to the end of June and Trump is in deep trouble again.  Trump has been getting pounded in the media about the persistent and expanding story about links between his presidential campaign and Russian intelligence agents. It seems like every other day another Trump loyalist is falling under heavy scrutiny and lawyering up- both Vice President Pence and Trump’s son-in-law and White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner are the latest to hire criminal defense attorneys for their legal teams. Regardless of whether Trump or anyone in his inside circle faces criminal charges or regardless of whether he faces impeachment, his political capital is being decimated like no president since Richard Nixon.

And right on cue comes the news flash:  U.S. Intelligence has received a tip that President Al-Asad might be planning another chemical weapons attack on his people.   And right behind that comes the forceful and strong public statement by President Trump:  The Syrian government will pay a very heavy price if they use chemical weapons on their people again.

Right.  And we are all supposed to stop looking into the highly impactful Russia probe and the disastrous Republican health care bill and be mesmerized by this show of presidential resolve and American fighting spirit.  And while we are at it we are supposed to forget that this is coming from a president who never wore the uniform of our military or took direct action in service to our country.

Donald, I have a question for you:  How f@cking dumb do you think we are?  Obviously that is a loaded question but it is a fair question nonetheless.  You, Putin and Al-Asad can go f@ck yourselves and each other.

We see through your jive ass like glass.  This fool has been dying to spray these people with chemical weapons for years and your floundering presidency and your utility to his pimp-daddy Vladimir Putin gives him exactly the chance he has been waiting for.  All three of you get what you want out of this situation.

We are on to you, Donald- at least some of us are.  And we won’t stop ringing the alarm until we make sure that everybody else is too- regardless of whether they were seduced into believing your bullshit act on the campaign trail.  Some people will call us crazy for embracing this conspiracy theory.  But we are a long way past caring what people think.  These same people thought you would never sit your fat ass in the oval office but yet, there you are- at least for now.

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  1. I wish the media wouldn’t fall into this trap and investigate this situation because it’s insulting to our intelligence .


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