What the f@ck is wrong with Democrats and mainstream media pundits?  Why are we all not being smacked in the face with the word “Trumpcare” seventy-five thousand times a day every day of the week until congress returns for their catastrophic vote on July 10th?  The fact that the White House is desperately trying to keep people from calling their so-called healthcare reform bill by that moniker is reason enough to conclude that this is exactly what we should be calling it.  This from a guy who will slap his name on S&M sex toys for the right licensing fee.  He knows this bill is a steaming pile of dog sh#t and if God has mercy on the country it will never make it out to his desk for a signature.

U.S. President Trump gathers with Pence and Republican House members after healthcare bill vote at the White House in Washington

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been called “Obamacare” to fabulous political affect since the moment it was just an idea.  Before it was a bill and long before it became the law of the land, it was “Obamacare” which assured that no less than 45% of the voting public would feel honor bound to hate it and call it a failure for no reason other than the fact that it had Barack Obama’s Kenyan cooties all over it.

The failure of Democrats to make every eleventh word out of their mouths “Trumpcare” is proof of why they continue to lose elections that they should win and never seem to come out on top in hard fought battles.  We need to hang this toilet-brush of a bill around Donald Trump’s neck so that the whole world can see it and smell it every time his fat orange face is on their television screen.  You heard me right: this bill stinks so bad you can smell it through your TV.

Absolutely NOBODY who is not rich enough to financially survive a catastrophic illness benefits from this bill.  It is an absolute monstrosity of inequity, cruelty and blind ambition.  Donald Trump and the Republicans are so horny for a bill that will fulfill their empty promises to “repeal and replace Obamacare” that they will go to bed with absolutely anything.  They are like a drunk guy at the bar who has been trying to score all night but goes home with the toothless 98 pound meth head prostitute because she was there when the lights came on.


And as rancid and disgusting as she was and as pissy-drunk as the guy was, he got it up for her like a champ and rocked that ass like he’s been waiting his whole life for this moment.

Why?  Because this entire effort doesn’t have jack shit to do with improving the healthcare system and how it serves the needs of everyday people.  It is all about an effort to erase Barack Obama from the record books by destroying his legislative legacy.  The Republicans as a crew lack the intellectual heft or dexterity to build anything as complicated as a national healthcare system and it is exacerbated by the fact that they don’t believe in it in the first place.  But because folks have found out that “Obamacare” actually helps so many people that swear that Barack Obama was the anti-Christ, they can’t just dump it and go back to the old days without appearing to put something else in place.

So they’ve got “Trumpcare” which will guarantee that at least 22 million fewer people will be insured according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates.  We already know that lifetime caps will come back which will mean that if you get a chronic illness, you will run out of money and therefore run out of care and be left to survive or die on your own.  We already know that if you have a pre-existing condition, insurance companies can charge you prohibitively high rates- so high that millions will simply go uninsured.  We already know that being a woman will- once again- be a pre-existing condition that will cost you more money for worse care.


This is what “Trumpcare” is but they have lucked up and found it’s opponents too timid or dignified to shout it from the rooftops.

The reality is that “Trumpcare” will do for healthcare patients what “Trump University” did for its students. Which is to say it is going to f@ck them over without acknowledgment or apology all the while telling them its great for them and they are getting what they asked for.  Unfortunately, this is the one of the few times that Donald Trump actually let the truth escape his greedy pie-hole:  if the people who voted for him take a pounding under “Trumpcare” they asked for it- just like those saps who actually spent their hard earned (or hard borrowed) money to attend his fake university.


But that’s Trump- selling “Trumpcare”- by absolutely any other name that he can stick on it, mind you.  For all of his snake-oil sales pitch about fake news, this man has actually been proven to have created a fake university and now he is a fake president preparing to enact fake healthcare.  God bless, America.  We are actually going to fall for this bullshit and the Democrats are going to let it happen- again.

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