40 Is “The New 40”- And That’s Perfect

The Progressive Pugilist is nobody’s fanboy.  I don’t jock actresses or models and despite many years of residency in the stripper capital of America I have never had more than a passing exchange with a professional poll dancer.  That preamble is necessary because there will be some appreciation expressed and homage paid to a few women in this piece from the world of entertainment.  They get far more than their fair share of adulation as it is but I have to use these ladies to drive my message because a common reference is required to provide verifiable visual aid.


These ladies are going to serve a perspective purpose today- a check up from the neck up if you will.  To put this discussion in context, I am a middle aged man.  I have no weirdness about being 46 and that is probably due to the fact that God decided to be my personal barber when I was still a young buck at the age of 29.  So I pretty much look the same now as I did then.  And once I got past the PTSD of losing my mane, I realized that there was indeed an upside to locking in my look as a 30 year old rather than a 50 year old guy.  In short, you can go with the Earl Graves look or the Common look.  In this stage, most of us opt for the “Common” look and it can work out pretty well.

The result is that the scope of women who are in my natural audience is expansive- ranging a full 30 years from about 26 to 56.  I think that qualifies me as a man with legitimate insights even if you find fault with my conclusions.  Based on the foregoing, I can say with conviction that women who are naturally appealing and lead healthy lifestyles ripen like Florida Oranges and Georgia Peaches in their 40’s. This dynamic seems particularly acute in women of color.  And it is absolutely astonishing.  In case this reality has gotten by you, Sanaa here will show you what this ripening looks like in living color:


It’s like puberty came back at age 38 to finish the work it started when they were teenagers.

Look no further than the cover girl for this title as proof of that fact.  Sofia Vergara was 43 when that shot was taken and it is impossible to imagine that she was as impressive at 23 when she may have had that physique but could not possibly have had the self-awareness that she has picked up in the subsequent 20 years.

And make no mistake about it:  it is the self-awareness element that makes a woman in her 40’s un-matchable by her junior league counterparts.  And it covers the span of her knowledge from what her politics are like (experience has taught her WHY she believes what she believes) to what her life journey means for her and what its made of (as you are unlikely to find a woman who is 40 plus who can look this damned good and NOT know where she is going with herself).  Look at Jada down there.  Yes, she can work a brother’s nerves sometimes but is there ANY doubt that she is fully aware of who she is and what she can do for her man if she chooses to?


I’ll answer for you:  HELL NO.  And then we come to the issues of sex and sexuality.  I know that I have a tendency to get a little raw on this blog but out of respect for these women I’ll channel my inner-MC and to me MC means “Make-it-Clean.”

The experience of engaging a woman who has a thorough knowledge of her body and is unburdened by the lingering uncertainties of youth is comparable to the difference between tasting cherries that are unripe and then eating cherries that are so heavy with sweet juice that they explode on your tongue before you even start to chew them.  No disrespect but if I needed a date for the Latin Music Awards, the only thing Selena Gomez can do for me is take me to meet Selma Hayek.

And I have no doubt that Miss Gomez is good company.  But if you are a man who has a firm grip on what you’re doing in bed- or if you happen to be a f*cking super hero- you don’t need Miss Gomez, you need Ms. Hayek.  Because Ms. Hayek knows what to do about it and has enough seasoning to fully understand what she has gotten a hold of.

Now we are going to close this examination of the splendor of the 40 plus year old woman with a little spice that may be a bit hot for some pallets.  I’m saying up front that I mean no offense but writing is my art and art is nothing without honesty.  And I honestly believe that every woman has a little vamp in her.  It doesn’t mean she acts on it publicly (or at all) but I truly believe its there- and if a woman is discreet and in total command of her sexuality nobody knows it but her and a very fortunate few.  But when a woman in her 40’s decides to open that up for you, you are going to  KNOW there is a God like Sophia in the Color Purple when Celie bought those groceries for her.


Traci “Baywatch” Bingham up there is almost 50 years old looks to me like she is firmly in touch with her inner-vamp, doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks, and is ready to make you cry like Sophia.  So if she is on your arm looking like that, you better have eaten your Wheaties and I hope you packed a lunch.  She’s going to absorb all the energy from the stares and leering looks and cutting, rolling eyes from the whole night and explode all over you like only a truly mature woman can.  And that power is priceless.

Ripe, sweet cherries indeed.  Nothing compares.

∞ Thanks for checking in-  Do your thing today and I’ll see you tomorrow π 

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