A Night Cap with Dana Lena: Learn Baby, Learn

All of the decisions that we make and the path we chose is designed to teach us what we need to know for our journey.  Most people define decisions that result in an outcome that they do not desire as a mistake. I do not like the word but for the sake of the point I am making, I will use the word and roll with it.

Webster dictionary defines  mistake as “an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, a misunderstanding or misconception”.

Mistakes are meant to teach us something. They are designed to redirect us not bury us. We all have done things that we wish we had not done, said things we wish we could take back and opened a Pandora’s box that our asses should have left closed. We all have been in a relationship or two that did not honor us. We all have sacrificed true love for companionship or worked a job we hated just to be able to pay the bills.

Life teaches us what it needs to teach us through our experiences and our suffering. I remember when my daughter Hannah was a toddler, she was fascinated by the eyes on the electric stove. Seeing it change colors was a moment of awe for her. I do not know how many times I told her that the stove was hot and not to touch it…but she kept inching towards the stove.

One day, when my back was turned she saw her opportunity to touch the pretty red glowing eye on the stove and seconds later, I heard the “MOMMMMMMY” scream!   I turned to her shaking my head saying, “Hannah, I told you the stove was hot and not to touch it. Why did you touch the stove?” she looked at me with those pretty brown eyes with no response. Just eyes full of tears.

As I tended to her little burned finger tips and dressed them with salve and bandage, the pain was teaching Hannah a lesson that my admonishments could not. The pain she was experiencing in her little toddler life taught her DO NOT TOUCH THE EYES ON THE STOVE and she didn’t again.

Pain is designed to teach us what we need to learn to be our best self. Everything in our lives is designed to reveal and teach so we can redirect if we happen to be on the wrong side of the road. Our purpose and our very soul is on the line. So we must use our mistakes to bolster our commitment to being our best self and not a version of our best self.

Let’s own our mistakes, learn our lessons and get on with the wonderful blessing of being who and what we were meant to be.  Since my baby was wise enough not to touch the hot stove again, I strongly expect that you are too.

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