Quickie & Coffee – Forgiveness and Freedom

If you live long enough and fully enough you are going to hurt someone- and you can be sure that someone is going to hurt you.  It is an inseparable component of the human experience.  What we do with that experience defines both who we are and how our story plays out thereafter.  Sometimes- but not all the time- forgiveness is in order.  But forgiveness is not forgetting and those two separate states of mind should not be fused together as popular folklore taught us when we were kids on the playground.  You forgive your puppy for chewing up your favorite shoe but you certainly do not forget that he did it- and you keep your shoes away from him going forward.


Forgiveness has nothing to do with losing track of what you have done to someone or what someone has done to you.  In my view

Forgiveness is letting go of the possibility that the past can or will ever change and moving forward on your life’s journey unburdened by that expectation.  

In essence, forgiveness is giving yourself the freedom to move on.  It has less to do with who hurt you than it has to do with you.  There are many enlightened perspectives on forgiveness and this one is mine.  I hope that it can help you along your own journey as it has helped me on mine.

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