The Reality of Reality TV: The Reality is Not looking Good!

I hate television. Well, maybe hate is too strong of a word. There are a few shows that I really like but for the most part, I can do without it and reality tv is a hell no.  I can find much better use of my time and energy but one of my villagers loves it! We play catch up usually once a month and if we are sipping wine at her place, catch up will happen in the back drop of whatever she has recorded on the that little black box.

Unfortunately, my mind had the displeasure of taking in an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and let me just say What the Smuck? Is there a Douche for the Brain? Black Women are the most precious jewels on the face of the earth. Every race of woman desperately tries to emulate is. They spend fortunes in cash and energy trying to get their bodies to look like ours. Bigger asses, bigger lips, fuller breast, thicker thighs and of course, darker skin. Just go to any tanning salon spot and see how long one will need to wait for an appointment. Go to any beach anywhere in the world and you will see folk all laid out in hopes to get as close to the chocolate drop that I am with great risk. Burned, peeling and leather like skin (risking skin cancer) is not too great of a price to pay.

Besides our beauty, we are formidable. Strong, resilient, capable and graceful. We are the mothers of existence, the first woman to do any damn thing. Our breasts have fed nations, our wombs have birthed kings and we hold up the arms of our warriors. Yet, one episode of RHOA, has us looking like shallow, foot lose, pussy eating tramps with no class and do damn dignity!

In the episode I was watching, it was revealed that one of the characters was drunk in a club and asked one of the other women “if she could eat her pussy until she come”. Now, I do not know what girlfriends get drunk and ask each other this but this is damn ridiculous. If that is someone’s  thing, I can bet my check, life insurance policies, titles to my house and car, that person would never ask me some foul shizit like that.  Not only does bad company corrupt good manners, my Momma use to say, you lay down with dogs and you will get up with fleas.

Now, what grown consenting people do is their business and truly their business so for the life of me, I do not understand why anyone would broadcast what they do with their mouths or their ass to millions of people.  It is not cute, black women, to get and be drunk in public. It is not cute to stumble out of a place you walked into….in red bottoms no less. The shoes on your feet are worth more than the value you place on your soul and spirit.

It is not cute black women, to have a passport in your purse and no books in your suitcase. It is not cute to  neglect “your” man. Refusing to cook, clean and treat him like a king while running your inflated ass all around town desperately trying to be “seen”. What makes a King a King is his Queen. The One that protects his heart, not the one with her hand always out asking for something and giving nothing meaningful, substantial or impactful.

It is not cute to represent yourself to yourself in this fashion and invite the world to tune in. I do not care how much money you get per episode,  how many endorsement deals you garner and how many pairs of panties you sell. When you are on national television or any public space, stumbling around like a back alley drunk offering to do what back alley hoes do you have hit an all time low and you need to know it.

Please let us return to being women and representing ourselves as ladies. Let us remind ourselves that the blood of queens is in our DNA and that we are the envy and desire of the world. Let us remember that we do not have to hoe ourselves out to be sexy and men of caliber are not interested in public pussy or women that can pick a new man up in six seconds or less, singing “to the left to the left”. You sound stupid and look crazy.

Let us know that being attractive does not mean being g-string naked in Publix and being strong is not the equivalent of being got-damn loud.

There is currency in pussy discretion and it pays very well. A worthy investment.

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