America’s Secret Weapon (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

This young woman above has the secret weapon that can save America from itself- and she can do it without winning elective office or writing a best seller.   And if you have been watching the Trump dumpster fire in D.C. you know how badly we need her to.  She can save America by properly wielding her most reliable weapon for change which is concealed behind that flag she has wrapped around herself.  I am not suggesting that she couldn’t get elected to congress or write complex policy prescriptions, I am just pointing out that she doesn’t have to.   No offense to the ideals of feminism and women’s empowerment but when a woman decides to put the power of the pussy-cat to proper use she can really get something done.

If this young woman will simply decide that she is only going to grant access to her person to men who are scholarly, self-aware, civic minded, responsible and progressive, she will miraculously find herself surrounded by men who just happen to display many if not all of those qualities.  Ladies, you should be well aware by now that when we learn what you are looking for we morph into that just as fast as we can.  Fuck what you see on the movies or the cartoons, the REAL Transformers are young men trying to get a new pussy-cat to take home.  If a guy sees that this girl in the flag is turned on by intellect, he’ll ditch that idiot routine in 2.2 seconds and launch into his new identity as the new KRS-1. He’ll be quoting lines from Malcolm X and James Baldwin like its second nature to get that girl to his crib.  That is just how powerful an influence the pussy-cat is.  We will change our entire presentation and outlook for the chance to get at it like we want to.  This girl holding the flag is also holding ALL the cards and she sets the tone for how men who are moved by her behave.

So if a guy is some stupid-ass street pharmacist, or some simple-Simon ex-ballplayer, or the ever present wanna-be gangsta rapper or otherwise non-descript street urchin and he discovers that suddenly there is no pussy-cat behind that flag for him, he is going to rethink his presentation and he is going to do it with a great sense of urgency.  Trust me- as soon as it becomes an epidemic that those clowns are routinely losing out on any access to this young woman to brothers with brief cases or Union ID cards, change will come in a hot hurry.  Or to put a finer point on it:  if this girl decides that a guy has to be a registered voter and politically committed to the right team for her to even consider letting him see the glory that is hiding behind that flag, her decision will create more reliable voters than all the focus-group tested political ads in the world.


To be crystal clear, I would never advise or encourage a woman to commoditize her sexuality or sex appeal.  That is the counsel of ignorant, vulgar and exploitative men- the kind that have to resist the reflex to run and hide behind the couch when an authentic alpha-male enters the room.  On the other hand, I would always counsel a woman to recognize the considerable power and influence that she wields with the sex appeal that she wears the right way.  To wit:  reward men with positive attention and feedback that behave the way that you want them to and punish with cold silence and indifference those who do not.  Ladies, if you blessed any man last year with the joy and privilege to access to your pussy-cat and that man even intimated that he was not supporting Hilary Clinton for President then shame on you.  The right words from you could have changed the way he spoke about the issues, thought about the issues, and ultimately acted on the issues.   Being a dumb-ass non-voter with more excuses than a n*gga going to jail should have been a deal-breaking non-starter for you.  And believe me, the kind of patriotism and engagement these women demonstrate can be highly contagious.  TPP’s own executive producer can vouch for that.

the DLP

And if you think that your social and romantic engagements are not political you are kidding yourself:  EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL.  A woman does not have to let a man actually pet the pussy-cat to influence his conduct or how he represents himself.  Not even close.  She just has to make it clear what she approves of- and he will be moved just the same.  If nothing else, he will start to THINK- and for some of us that is a major accomplishment.  That is how this young woman and her featured cohorts will create a thousand voters each.  Just set a new standard for who gets a smile, a word of praise or encouragement, her fellowship or friendship and yes if everything lines up right who gets to take her home and actually salute that flag.  In effect, if she just decides not to reward bad behavior anymore- including bad political behavior-  she can change the world around her and even save her country.  Good luck and Godspeed, baby.  Raise that flag and we’ll all salute you.

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7 thoughts on “America’s Secret Weapon (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

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  1. What????? We have been sold a bag of rocks! All this time it’s the pussy cat to the rescue and not the man on the White horse? Well, I’ll be damn.

    Great piece sir!


  2. Umm, when was me and the girls added to this piece? Well, point made. Who will we join on the next campaign trail? Mark Cuban and Elizabeth Warren? Oprah and the Harris chic? Raise the Standard and our men will follow. Imagine that?


  3. No new news to me. As my father used to say to me, “Boy, that thang rules the world,” and he was right. Men have all the authority; women have all the power.

    A woman has the power to use lips that neither smile nor speak, to inspire a man to think and dream from a head with no brain. That “thang” can both embolden us, and make us stupid as hell, like carnal crack. We all saw “Sunshine” in Harlem Nights, and we all know the choice Kunta Kinte made.

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