Hoe or Pro? Who Decides? (Warning: Contains Explicit Language and Themes)

Regardless of what anybody thinks, this girl up here looks like she is having herself one helluva good time.  And there are no outward indicators of coercion that would undercut the assumption that she is fully consenting and doing exactly what she wants to do.  So we are going to engage this discussion based on the premise that this young woman is fully aware of her actions and is owning every bit of what comes along with them.  She has taken ownership of the costs and consequences, as has this adventurous young woman below.


She thought about her M.O.M. squad (her imaginary council of her Mother, Oprah, and Michelle Obama), she thought about her total health risks, and she thought about any social consequences of being flagrantly indiscreet.  And against all of that compelling influence, she said “Fuck it, I’m going in! COVER ME!”  And the results above are stark, graphic and permanent.  Nobody can judge this young woman, but at some point she may elect to judge herself and count up the costs that calculate differently as her life circumstances start to shift.  Or not.  That’s up to her but in case she needs some help, I am here for her.

So that’s what this piece is about- shooting something at this girls face other than the male nectar she so clearly craves.  Besides, it looks like she’s well covered in that department.  I’m going to keep mine at home and shoot some truth and insights at her head instead. What she might be lacking is a bit of perspective on where she’s at on her journey.  She may need another view of what it means to be so wide open in the age of social media exposure and the all access pussy-watch on most people’s electronic devices- most men especially.


A cursory glance at this ancient carving above proves that being sexually adventurous is certainly nothing new.  But global projection of a woman’s most personal truths in milliseconds is new, relatively speaking.  The truth is that the landscape of human communications has evolved at a much faster rate than the landscape of human sexuality has.  While our bodies are still replicating acts from the days when humans enslaved one another and fed each other to wild animals for entertainment, our minds are able to transmit images and information to the moon and back in less time than it used to take to make a long distance phone call.  So the learning curve on how to balance all of this is rather steep and our cover girl probably needs some quality advice- as do many others.  The kind of advice she needs, she is quite unlikely to get from the mouths that do what she’s doing.


Technically, she won’t learn new information here- just perhaps an alternative perspective that may feel like a reminder of old wisdom.  She came of age in a time when young women gained considerable fame and fortune following the infamy of searing sexual indiscretion.  The entire world watched Kim Kardashian getting her ass plundered by a “D” list celebrity who gleefully posted the encounter on social media- as much of a reflection on his fucked up character as it is of hers but that is the subject for a companion piece.


But right after that  display of her most personal moments of poor judgment, the world invited her into their homes to support her successful television program that has run for what seems like an eternity.  As a practical matter, she was rewarded for her behavior- or she certainly was not penalized for it.  And the signature philosophy of The Progressive Pugilist is that behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated.  Now she is a married mother of two children and she continues to plaster her ass all over the net and cash the checks for doing it.

Paris Hilton was the precursor to Kim and she  is completely bereft of talent but skyrocketed to fame after the millions and millions of people around the world watched her sucking and swallowing for some other D lister whose greatest claim to fame actually was recording her acts of debauchery and putting it out to the public.  And like Kim, this was a consequence free engagement.




But our cover-girl sister up top needs to dig one core reality:  if she is going to be a hoe, she needs to make sure that she is a pro.  If she is  going to expose herself to the costs of maintaining a public access pussy, she needs to at least be sure that the benefits are a great deal more than the orgasm she got in the moment.  And she needn’t fool herself while she is counting up the cost:  our society has always treated black women’s bodies as a cheap and accessible commodity so if she chooses to go public with her pussy that is clearly her right, but she has to dig that she’s not getting a Kim or Paris experience.  She’s got a much better shot at being the cautionary tale that used to be known as Montana Fishburne.


Surely you remember Montana.  Like Paris and Kim, she has a father that was wealthy, famous and influential.  Like Paris and Kim, she was featured in a sex tape that went out all over the world.  Like Paris and Kim, she decided that she should profit off of her short term infamy and flip it into long term celebrity.  But unlike Paris and Kim, Montana is a sister.  So while Paris and Kim wound up being celebrated by the public and built fortunes of their own separate and apart from what their famous fathers provided them, Montana wound up a laughingstock and a pariah.




Exploited and dumped like garbage, she was last seen being arrested on the side of I-95 in Florida after she hit 4 cars in a drunk driving spree and squatted to take a piss on the street like a dog.  All of this after a very public spat with her male co-star from her porn tape over unpaid fees for her big break out in the adult entertainment world.

So my most honest and earnest advice to the sister at the top of this piece is this:  Do whatever you want to do but do it with your eyes wide open.  Don’t be stupid.  If you are determined to be a hoe, then be a hoe.  Just be a pro so you can at least put a higher value on yourself than society is prepared to assign to you.  If discretion is an attribute beyond your reach or outside the scope of your interest I can understand that and I can say without condescension that I really do wish your reality was different.  I have two daughters and I would die a thousand deaths if either of them made the choices that you are making so publicly.  And if one of my two sons brought you home, I’d be polite and kind to you and then promptly put him out of his misery the minute you left the room.  Frankly, I do not want to have grandchildren who have to navigate the turbulent waters of having come into this world through public access pussy.  The truth hurts, but it also teaches.

But this is your choice and it is obvious that you do not care about the assessments of the legions of men that you are helping to get off for free.  I am advising you to at least be smart enough to think about the cost-benefit analysis beyond the moment- no matter how many times the tag team brings you to orgasm.  The world is watching and you are already selling your personal stock at a public offering- so get the most you can get out of it, young lady.  You don’t owe me or the world shit- but you do owe that to yourself.  Good luck, baby.  And if you can swing it, please make these cats roll on the Trojans.  God only knows what in the fuck they are leaving in your body when this is over.

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6 thoughts on “Hoe or Pro? Who Decides? (Warning: Contains Explicit Language and Themes)

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  1. Poor Monty. She is so lost and misguided. I hope that she turns things around before its too late. If only she understood her own self worth. I hope she one day sees her true value. She is such a beautiful girl.


    1. It really is. But it is where we are now- doesn’t mean that we have to stay there but at least recognizing it for what it is gives us a chance for a new start. Thank you for weighing in, Miss Perry.


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