We live in a big universe.  There’s a lot to process out there- so much in fact that we can never absorb it all.  Not even close.  In fact, if we try to process too much of it, we can get that awful sensation we experienced as kids when we were so thirsty on a hot summer day that we tried to actually drink water from a fire hydrant somebody opened up.


All of my folks who grew up in cities know that sensation:  you try to drink from a safe angle and can’t get enough to quench your thirst, so you turn to it head on and almost drown.

It is just too much for us- the volume and the force of that water we are so desperate to consume can literally choke us to death.  I consider that rushing water to be a physical manifestation of the experience we are all having now with our mental and emotional capacities.  Information overload can also choke us out- but in slower and less dramatic fashion.

The internet has launched us into a world where there is literally no subject that any of us can think of that is not thoroughly explored and exposed on the web.  Everything that has ever been published on micro-physics and macro-economics is a brief google search away.


We can learn everything that Einstein knew or thought of knowing with a point and a click.  But that is not what we do- we watch pornography.

The average monthly web search count for the word “Einstein” is 110,000.  The average monthly web search count for “pornography” is 4,550,000,000

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 It would be easy to criticize the state of humanity based on an astonishing disparity like that.  And it would not be wrong to conclude that we have normalized depravity and our debasement is in proportion to our ability to monetize it over social media and information technology.  But that is not accounting for the fire hydrant theory.

I think that we are stuck in the realm of the physical- even in cyberspace- because it is very easy to drink from that hose.  We can stay at our most base level and comfortably stimulate our loins through our eyes with very little effort.  It is just easier to do that than to consider what is TRULY possible for us and available to us over the same apparatus that can show us the 817th picture of Kim Kardashian’s ass-crack.


The internet exacerbates the fascination that we have always had with the details and the minutia of the lives of other people- what they drive and wear; who they screw; how much money they have; and what they are doing right now.  We obsess over all of this despite the fact that it has nothing to do with our own lives and the one thing you can be absolutely certain of is that the object of our internet or personal obsession is NOT thinking about us while we are lavishing our attention and energy on them.  The internet has metastasized that unhealthy energy like the most aggressive of cancers.  But we can survive it-  all we have to do is just focus on what we can control and what affects us-  setting all other considerations to the back-burner.

But this is a judgment-free and objective evaluation of humankind.  We simply have to get used to the awesome power we have discovered, channeled and unleashed.  In the big scheme of things on the timeline of life, the internet has only existed for a few seconds of a 24 hour day.   So it is understandable that we still remain stuck at our lowest levels- where we can go online and watch three teenage girls bully and beat another girl because she liked the wrong boy while a crowd of cretins watches and joyfully records the spectacle.  Meanwhile, we have equal capacity to go online and watch a legitimate university lecture series on entrepreneurship in the new age of advanced internet technology.   The former leaves our minds further cluttered with rusting and rotting junk.  The latter can change our lives forever for the better.  We have that choice and we make it every single day hundreds of times.

I do expect that we’ll eventually evolve beyond our fascination with looking at an endless stream of nakedness, ratchedness and outright wickedness on-line and start to tap into the other side of the human experience.  If you consider the depth and breadth of the internet, I sincerely believe that there are very few problems in any of our lives that cannot be solved or improved drastically with a well-conducted web search.   And that goes well beyond our personal affairs and extends into broader world affairs as well.  We can help shape and mold the world we live in simply by what we choose to direct traffic into our own minds from the information super-highway.

U-Turn section

But as optimistic as I am, I am also realistic and recognize that we’d better hurry the hell up.  The climate is changing and world powers are shifting allegiances as rapidly as we used to get the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue.  We literally have to stop jerking around and get serious about how we use the time and tools that we have been blessed with.  So keep tuning in here-  we intend to be a part of the wave going in the direction of progress.  Good luck and godspeed.

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