Chaka Kahn Still Wants To Know: Do You Love What You Feel?

We want to feel good every day but we’ve GOT to feel good on a Friday.  I think the 11th Commandment might have been something like “Thou Shalt Not Let Shit Get You Down On A Friday.”  Or something like that.  If you didn’t wake up feeling good, I want you to go and listen to my girl Chaka Kahn sing to you and ask you “Do you LOVE what you Feel?”  It is HARD not to be in a good mood when you are listening to that song.  But I’ll go you one better:  Look at what Chaka is looking like at 63 years old!

Obviously Chaka  got around to asking herself that question and decided that

If You Don’t Love What You Feel, You Gotta Change What You Do!

And she did and dropped 40 pounds and is finer than she has been in DECADES.  People forget how fine she was back in the 70’s but a lot of us remember that strange sensation we would feel down below whenever we saw Rufus on Soul Train and Chaka took over that stage. Well she’s back to herself now.  She decided it wasn’t too late for her to follow the mantra: Love What You Feel!  Chaka did it and so can the rest of us- Good luck and Godspeed!  Having a banging-ass weekend!

∞ Thanks 4 checking in- Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you 2morrow  π 

5 thoughts on “Chaka Kahn Still Wants To Know: Do You Love What You Feel?

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    1. Indeed she does- All women in their 40’s should take note: If you look good now there is absolutely no reason why you can’t still look that good 20 years from now. Something great to look forward to!


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