Quickie & Coffee- The Clock Is Ticking But It’s Not Too Late

Confession: I am a lot more certain about the fact that “the clock is ticking” part than I am about the “it’s not too late” part in this title.  But in my defense, the only reason why I don’t really know if “it is too late” is because I don’t have a clue what “it” is.  But you do.  I am reaching out to my friends who have stopped by this morning with some encouraging words that I have received at critical points in my life.

If It Is Important Enough To Start It Is Important Enough To Finish-  So FINISH WHAT YOU HAVE STARTED

Many of us have so much unfinished business and so many abandoned projects left in our wake that we become numb to the affect it has on our psyche.   How many images like this can we have in our minds before we begin to see our very selves this way?

download (1)

Mind you, I am not referring to passing interests that we have tried out- that is something that we have to do to figure out what we really value enough to invest our precious time in.  I am referring to pursuits that we took on with purpose and intent to complete that we let go of when the world pushed back on us.  And only YOU know what those pursuits are for you.  So whatever they are, I encourage you to Finish What You Started – IF it is not too late.  God is not putting anymore time back on the clock for any of us so please don’t let that fantasy seduce you, my friends.


Check what time it is and if there is even close to enough left bust your tail and everything else to bring that project to its intended conclusion.  It could be your greatest work yet.  Good Luck & Godspeed.


∞ Thanks 4 checking in-  Do your thing 2day & I’ll see you 2morrow  π 

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