The Scalise Saga Continues: We Return Fire From A Crazy Conservative Reader

Because our nation was built on dialogue on spirited debate between engaged citizens, The Progressive Pugilists encourage all readers to weigh in with their remarks and feedback on anything that we post in our space.  We do not block the responses from those who disagree with us, even if they are irrational in voicing their objections or weighing in with their views.  Whether we catch incoming fire from Twitter or in our comments section we read and respond in kind.

We got an e-mail on our piece on the shooting of Steve Scalise on yesterday that we just have to share with our readers for purely illustrative purposes.  The reason why The Progressive Pugilists exists at all is because we believe firmly that many conservative politicians, pundits and rank and file voters are sorely in need of an ass-kicking.  And that is what pugilists do- kick ass.


And when you read this email, you will probably share my view that this guy just ordered a knuckle-sandwich off of the menu and we are ready to serve it with a smile.

Of course, the spirited exchange of vastly divergent ideas needn’t devolve into physical violence but there are some people who are just so far beyond reasoning that the best you can do is keep them chewing and choking on knuckle-sandwiches so that at least they’ll keep their dumb-ass mouths shut so that people of good-will and common sense can work more constructively to work out the problems burdening us all as citizens.

Here is the comment I got from someone calling himself Dail Blankenship:

“You are a very cold individual re your statement about the shooting of Steve Scalise. Obama was not born in Hawaii as his false birth certificate states, but, in all likely hood in Kenya as his wife Michele proclaimed when she visited Kenya. Why is it everything that should be known about Barack has been hidden? He obtained the presidential office under total false pretenses, and many persons in our Congress was aware of those facts. Even if you do not agree with a person, to wish them ill will is beneath the dignity of any decent human being.”

I have no idea if Dail Blankenship is a real person or some prankster hiding behind the veil of a made up name.  There was an email attached containing the name so there is a chance that this is a real person and if so, then good for Dail for putting his name and contact information to this ridiculous comment.  This comment is so astonishingly stupid that  it is disturbing that this person has a vote that counts just as much as mine. The reason why our nation has fallen into the muck and the mire that we are stuck in now is because of people like this turning out to vote while so many people who should know better sit on their asses at home during consequential election cycles.

The idiotic statements laid out in Dail’s email reflect a mind that is either feeble from a lack of horsepower or has become deranged in battling the fever of racism and tribalism for years.  But to be fair, I will agree with Dail’s opening line

” You are a very cold individual re your statement about the shooting of Steve Scalise.”  

You are goddamned right, Dail.  I AM very cold when it comes to the well-being of Steve Scalise.  I am as cold to him as he is to everybody who he gleefully fucks over with his policy prescriptions every day he serves in that office.  And his birtherism makes me believe that Capitol Hill is better off without his voice.  Although I did make it clear at the start of my piece that I was not rooting for him to die, I just don’t give a fuck about Steve Scalise – and I have no emotional or mental investment in whether he lives or dies from this shooting.  And I refuse to be a fake-ass fraud or another phony voice in the public square pretending to wish people well when I don’t.  So call me what you want, Dail, but what you can’t do honestly is say that I am not real and stand by my positions.

But if you are of the opinion that President Obama stole the presidency it is unlikely that you have the capacity to recognize the fortitude of my position or the wisdom that produced it.  My blog is for thinking people, Dail.  Stay off of it and tune in to Alex Jones and Sean Hannity.  That crazy talk is right up your alley so you can take your conspiracy theories and shove them right up your ass.  Thank you for tuning in, God bless you, good night.

DVH, Esquire



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