Night Cap with Dana Lena’

Wind down time. Tonight, it is warm and beautiful out so I am sitting by the pool and wading my feet in the water having a little wine.  Life is simple and it is the simple things that make it grand. Love. Honesty. Graciousness. Thanksgiving.

According to World Meter, 148, 801 people died today and every 1.8 seconds someone else gets a toe tag. I could not copy the number to paste it because the counter was moving so fast. THAT WAS ALARMING.

I have decided that I am not going to live a version of my life. I am living my life full throttle! I am not going to pretend to be happy, I am going to be happy. I am actively engaged in creating the life that I want and thus far, I am pretty damn good at it.

A few months ago, I was blessed to purchase my very first home and that was an amazing personal journey. It was even sweeter for me because the work that I do allows me the flexibility to be where I need to be for my children. Like anybody who achieves a challenging goal, I have had to make some sacrifices along the way but every single one of them was worth it.

The love of my life often says, everybody wants to get to heaven but no one wants to die. We have to die to some things, some situations and some circumstances in order to live. I garden and  I have plant babies all over my house and I have to “prune” them often. I have to cut off the dead leaves to prevent them from decaying the healthy leaves. I have to snip any part of the plant that is diseased to prevent from losing the whole thing and believe it or not, every time I have to cut any part of my plant my heart aches. As it is with life.


We have to be willing to prune or cut off what is dying to preserve that which must live. We have to be willing to sacrifice the small things for the big things and we have to develop a sense of appreciation for what we have and exercise good stewardship. I am fortunate enough to have the love embodied in the man that I was created for. I have two amazing children that I love more than I can put into words and I love the woman that I am.  Every day; I am thankful for all the love I am showered with and all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me. I cannot stress how much pruning I have had to do and must continue to do to remain healthy and strong. It is an essential part of life and it simply must be done when it has to be done. Pruning hurts but dying slowly is not an option.





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