Quickie & Coffee- Prayer Questions

Everybody has their own relationship with the Creator.  That relationship is the most personal one that there is and nobody can or should ever try to stand in between that.  I am not qualified to teach but everybody is qualified to share.  I had an experience recently that made me want to share an insight that might be helpful to someone else on their journey.  The next time you prepare to ask God for something, consider asking yourself this question first:

Am I Praying To God For Something That He Has Already Provided For Me?  Should I Be Praying For New Gifts Or To Be A Better Steward Of The Gifts I Already Have?

For me, posing this question first is not about trying to win greater favor from the Creator, but trying to put myself in the best mindset to be what I want to be, do what I want to do, and have what I want to have.  My own journey revealed that quite often, I already had what I thought I needed God to give me- I just wasn’t tapped into it.  I hope you find the same to be true in your life. Godspeed.


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