Quickie & Coffee – Building Blocks Over Broken Backs

Every person with an appropriate level of self-awareness wants to be the best version of themselves that they can visualize.  That is one of our most useful psychological reflexes.  It helps us to self-actualize and isn’t that really what every self-help book you’ve ever read or self-improvement seminar you’ve ever attended was really all about- becoming your highest self?


And while we should pursue that goal full-throttle, we need to be careful of a few things that can erode our spirit or darken any achievements we may  enjoy on our journey.  Be careful to

Build yourself on real building blocks and not on the broken backs of other people.

If you can, avoid the trap of standing tall by climbing on the backs of others- either in subjective perception or in objective reality.  If the standards you lay claim to are a true reflection of your values then they are enough to define your victories- what anyone else does or doesn’t do has no bearing on you.

While there is a time and place for direct competition and zero sum games, those are few and far between in the big scheme of things.


In your own daily life, you will find that it is all about you.  Their loss is not your gain.  Their failures are not your victories.  And most important of all, their weaknesses are not your strengths.  Stand on your own, my friends, and you will never stand taller.

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